ChatGPT Killers

PLUS: AI Tutors (Now in Spanish)

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  • ChatGPT isn’t the only chatbot in town 🔫 

  • Elon Musk is developing a GPT alternative 🤔 

  • Duo Bird can now teach you 1-on-1 🦜 


All About GPT Killers🔪 

ChatGPT’s arrival caught tech giants with their pants down, but it’s got serious competition catching up now - here’s our pick of the most promising players:

Claude: Anthropic’s (founded by former OpenAI members) next-generation AI assistant is possibly GPT-4’s strongest direct competitor that’s looking to train helpful, honest, and harmless AI systems

Llama: Meta’s AI foundation language models that are outperforming GPT-3 while being 10x smaller. Their model is about on par with variants from Google and DeepMind.

Github Copilot: A cloud AI co-pilot that codes for you and alongside you, in Visual Studio and beyond.

LaMDA: Google's ‘breakthrough’ AI model with almost as many parameters as ChatGPT. Pre-trained on 1.56 Trillion words. Tuned on Quality, Safety, and Ground.

Jasper AI

Jasper Chat: AI writing software that generates high-quality SEO and marketing content quickly, built as a chat interface for content creation.

Bard AI: Google's new conversational AI chatbot developed with the LaMDA AI platform, can generate texts and answer questions (still under development).

Elon Musk’s Play: Yup. Elon’s already brought on one of DeepMind’s core engineers to make another GPT competitor. They’re aiming to build a team focused on AI investigation and product creation.

We covered Alpaca’s insane breakthrough yesterday. This article covers 24 more upcoming alternatives.

Our Prediction🔮: GPT-like general models will inevitably approach an oligopoly, but niche applications of generative AI are always going to rock the tech world.


Talk to your PDF

AskYourPdf is a chatbot for… you guessed it, PDF’s. Chat with any PDF document you upload, for free.

Don’t just read your pdf, interrogate it.

Powered by ChatGPT4, it’s your gateway to dynamic, interactive, and intelligent conversations with any PDF document.

Bonus: It’s multilingual. Chat in any language of your choice.

AskYourPdf requires no sign-up and it is completely free to use.


Duolingo 🤝 GPT-4

Duolingo, the language learning app with the cute owl, has wasted zero time announcing a partnership with OpenAI - Duolingo Max subscribers will now have access to even more advanced features, all powered by GPT-4's impressive language capabilities.

The new Explain My Answer feature is essentially a personal tutor in your pocket. With GPT-4's competency in multiple languages, Duo will be able to give you detailed explanations and even more examples to help you fully understand the language you're learning.

But Roleplay takes things to a whole new level. It lets you practice chatting in the language you're learning with an AI partner that’s a native speaker. No two conversations are alike, so you won’t be getting bored either. After your conversation, Duo gives you constructive feedback that’s specific to your mistakes.

How GPT-4’s intelligence ranks in different languages

Speak, another language learning startup by Harvard dropouts, is ramping up its use of a proprietary speech model that they’ve been developing for years. The AI pressure is real, and it’s making progress everywhere lightning fast.

Our Take: With GPT also being integrated rapidly in other learning tools like Khanmigo, we’re witnessing the birth of truly personalized learning. We think it’s here to stay.


Think Piece

OpenAI researchers predict how likely mainstream jobs are to be affected by AI:

Startup News

Ex SalesForce engineers are using AI to get information from sales calls.

Stripe is integrating GPT-4 to enhance its user experience.


Visual Relationship Detection: Google’s visual relationship detector that can predict relationships in multiple datasets with different labels


Praktika - Another language learning app that’s using generative AI Avatars.

ChatWebPage: Chat with any webpage on the internet.

/ai - An invisible AI assistant available in the text boxes of sites you visit.


Twitter’s already found a GPT-4 jailbreak: looks like 7 months of safety testing still isn’t quite enough.

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