ChatGPT Enterprise is here

PLUS: Amazon’s football AI 🏈


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • DoorDash’s new AI 🤖 🍔

    It answers calls, recommends dishes, and more.

  • ChatGPT Enterprise is here 👨‍💼 🏢

    Open AI launched its new, shiny version of ChatGPT for businesses.

  • Amazon’s football AI 🏈

    It generates outputs like formations and routes in real time during games.


DoorDash’s new AI 🤖 🍔

DoorDash announced a new AI voice ordering service. It answers calls and provides curated meal recommendations.

Would you like that with pumpkin spice?

The sauce:

1/ DoorDash reports that 50% of customer calls are currently unanswered by restaurants. 😱 

2/ The new system combines AI with live agents to ensure customer calls are answered quickly, even at peak times.

3/ This means restaurant employees can focus on keeping things running smoothly at peak times instead of fielding costly customer calls.

Our take: if its report is accurate, 50% of missed customer calls = major revenue losses. Automated systems are notoriously infuriating, but they’re probably better than no answer at all — so this could be a huge win-win.


SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 is a set of security and privacy guidelines for business data. Following these guidelines ensures that service providers manage data in a safe way to protect their clients.

We may see additional security compliance measures created as AI integrates with more and more of our software and data.


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AE Studio is a development, data science, and design studio. They work with founders and executives to create custom software, machine learning, and BCI solutions.

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Lucky for you — AE Studio’s taking on new clients, for a limited time.


ChatGPT Enterprise is here 👨‍💼 🏢

Open AI launched ChatGPT Enterprise yesterday. It’s a beefier version of ChatGPT, for business.


ChatGPT Enterprise comes with a new admin console that allows for team management, domain verification, SSO, and usage insights.

The beef:

1/ It’s got heightened security and privacy.

2/ Unlimited GPT-4 access that’s now two times faster than regular GPT-4.

3/ Longer context windows (up to 32k tokens).

4/ More advanced data analysis capabilities.

5/ More customization options.

Open AI is onboarding as many business customers as it can to maximize user feedback. And there are plans to add more features, soon.

Our take: This has been anticipated for a while now. Notably, Google instructed its own employees not to give sensitive data to Bard or any other AI chatbots. And Bing released its enterprise Chat a little more than a month ago.

Now, giant companies can take full advantage of AI with their own data.


Amazon’s football AI features 🏈

Amazon recently added AI features to its Thursday Night Football streams. It provides game insights, highlights, and graphics.

Game on:

1/ The AI creates informational graphics, calculates probabilities, highlights open receivers, shows the kicker’s field goal range, etc.

2/ It’s powered by Amazon SageMaker to calculate all these stats in real time.

3/ The AI model is trained on 35,000 plays to determine whether a defender will blitz on a play.

Our take: data has always been part of the game, from analyzing team footage to calculating probabilities. These sorts of AI analysis tools will create living, breathing information as it’s created on the field. A huge win for sports nerds!



Think Pieces

So, Americans still don’t use ChatGPT? Only 18% of Americans have used ChatGPT.

How to regulate AI responsibly. Apparently, you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.“

Startup News

Google DeepMind’s new AI chess model. It beats its famous predecessor, AlphaZero.

Ex-Meta researchers raise $40 million. EvolutionaryScale, founded by the head of Meta’s protein-folding team, secured funding to create a biological LLM.


POLCA — cost-efficient LLM scaling that reduces data centers’ carbon footprint.

ML-PCM — (Multi-Level Parallel Conditional Modeling) — a method to compress JPEGs losslessly.

Gen AI Content Generation Framework — a framework for incorporating AI into educators’ coursework.


Recast [Sponsored] — turn any article into a concise audio podcast. Your AI co-hosts save you time by explaining all the important details with engaging dialogue.

Swifto — AI-powered A/B testing that automatically optimizes your website.

Salssy — an AI-powered LinkedIn salesman.


Jason Wei, OpenAI engineer and former Google Brain research scientist, tweets that Meta plans an open-source Llama 3. Well, whatever open-source means.

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