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  • ChatGPT's Voice feature is now free for all users

ChatGPT's Voice feature is now free for all users

PLUS: Amazon Q vs OpenAI Q*


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Spend $2320 on a phone and get ChatGPT Voice for free 🫥 💸

    ChatGPT’s voice feature is now free for all users.

  • What’s better than 1 new AI chip from Amazon? 2 AI chips 🤖 🥠

    Amazon unveiled its new Trainium2 and Graviton4 AI chips.

  • Q? Where have we heard that recently? 🤨❓ 

    Amazon introduced its new chatbot for AWS customers called Q.


ChatGPT Voice is now free 🫥 💸

Last Monday, we reported on OpenAI firing Sam Altman, its CEO. Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s President, immediately resigned and 95% of the team agreed to leave and work at Microsoft.

It was a doozy 🔥

Oh boy. More OpenAI drama?

Actually, some good news you might have missed. The day before Sam Altman’s return, ChatGPT’s Voice feature became available to all users. Before now, ChatGPT’s Voice access was only available to Plus subscribers.

What does it do?

You can speak to it, and it will verbally respond to you. Your conversation will also be displayed in text on the chat screen. In OpenAI’s example, someone asked ChatGPT how many pizzas would be required for a group of 778 people.

How do I use it?

You just need to download the ChatGPT app for iOS/iPadOS or Android, open it up, and tap the headphone icon. You can choose from five different ChatGPT assistant voices - Ember, Sky, Breeze, Juniper, and Cove.

Does this mean I can Siri with ChatGPT?

Yes. If you have an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, you can set ChatGPT up as your voice assistant with your Action Button.

Is there a “but?”

Of course. The voice chatting option with ChatGPT is only available in the mobile app, not on the ChatGPT website.

For more on the ChatGPT app, check out this previous article:


Harvard data scientist upends the finance community with returns in this market.

The AI revolution has already begun to rewire Wall St, and its impact has been strongly felt in one growing marketing in particular. Because, thanks to a Harvard data scientist and his team, everyday people can now benefit from a previously “off-limits” investment.

The company that makes it possible is Masterworks, whose unique investment platform enables people to invest in blue-chip art for a fraction of the cost. Their proprietary database of art market returns provides an unrivaled quantitative edge in analyzing the art market.

With all 16 of its exits, Masterworks has achieved a profit, with recent exits delivering +17.8%, +21.5%, and +35.0% annualized net returns.


*Investing involves risk and past performance is not indicative of future returns. See important Reg A disclosures and aggregate advisory performance.


Amazon’s two new AI chips 🤖 🥠

In September, we reported on Amazon and Anthropic’s new partnership. Amazon invested $4 billion for 49 % ownership of Anthropic’s shares.

In October, we covered Amazon and IBM’s partnership expansion. IBM announced its plan to train 10,000 consultants on AWS’s generative AI services by the end of 2024.

What’s Amazon up to now?

Yesterday, Amazon introduced two new AI chips — the Graviton4 and the Trainium2.

Doesn’t everyone just use NVIDIA’s AI chips?

Yes. NVIDIA has about 75% of the market share on AI chips, but there is a huge shortage of AI chips and more competitors have emerged to fill the demand. Amazon claims that Anthropic, Databricks, Datadog, Epic, and more are early adopters of its new chips.

So, what’s so special about the Graviton4?

Amazon says that the Graviton4 is its new chip specifically for inferencing. Inferencing is when AI reasons and makes decisions based on the data it’s trained on.

Amazon says that its Graviton4 chip offers 30% better compute performance, 50% more cores, and 75% more memory bandwidth than the previous Graviton3.

It also claims the Graviton4 has encrypted hardware that offers enhanced security for AI training and data.

I see. What about the Trainium2?

This is Amazon’s new chip for training AI models. It claims it is four times faster and twice as energy-efficient than its first-generation Trainium chip. With 100,000 of these, Amazon can train a huge AI model with 300 billion parameters several weeks faster than before.

When can I get my sandwich grabbers on these?

Amazon says Graviton4 is currently in preview and will be available in the coming months.

Trainium2 won’t be available until some time next year.


Amazon launches a new chatbot, Q 🤨❓

On Monday, we reported on OpenAI’s Q* (pronounced Q-Star). It’s allegedly one of the factors that led to Sam Altman’s firing.

(Pronounced Q).

It’s trained on 17 years of AWS knowledge and answers questions about AWS services.

What is Q?

Q is a chatbot that can analyze data from various sources, including business-specific data, to answer questions and provide solutions about whatever data you give it.

It can perform actions like creating service tickets, updating dashboards, and more.

Why would I use this?

You can chat, generate content, and train Q on your business’s data.

You can also connect apps like Salesforce, Gmail, and more to it. It indexes the data you give it and “learns” aspects of your business like its structure, core concepts, products, and more.

How much does it cost?

It’s available for $20 per year.




aiPDF — quickly analyzes and summarizes PDFs and allows you to chat with it.

VectorArt AI — AI-powered that helps you create vector images.

Design2Code — analyzes web design screenshots to edit HTML/CSS code.

UIdraw — draw a website and have AI design it on your phone.

Think Pieces

How to restructure your business for AI. Ethan Mollick goes through the process of how to prepare for the future by familiarizing your team with AI tools.

Chinese factories transformed RTX cards into AI cards. This is a result of the U.S. GPU ban.

Startup News

NVIDIA and Scale partner up. They will use NVIDIA’s SteerLM technique and Scale’s high-quality training datasets to create AI models.

XTX Markets launched The AI-MO prize. It’s a $10 million fund to create an AI model that wins a gold medal at the International Mathematics Olympiad.

Microsoft launched a Generative AI for beginners course. It contains 12 lessons on prompt engineering, LLMs, building apps, and more.


self-operating-computer — a framework to allow multimodal AI models to operate similarly to a computer.

MoWE — an approach that combines Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) with word-specific experts that acts as memory for LLMs.

LucidDreamer —a pipeline that leverages LLMs to generate 3D scenes with input types including text, RGB, RGBD, and more.


OpenAI’s President (the one who left and came back) shares a Microsoft Research study on how GPT-4 sometimes outperforms experienced radiologists.

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