IBM and Amazon = relationship goals

PLUS: Another OpenAI project bites the dust


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • IBM and Amazon. Could this be love? 💘 😻

    After 7 years, they’re spicing up their relationship.

  • Google and Mistral? More stargazed lovers 🐶 ❤️ 🙀

    Google Cloud adds Mistral AI’s model to its Vertex AI platform.

  • OpenAI pulls the plug on Arrakis 👨‍🚀 🏜️

    Its goal was to power AI more economically, but it underperformed.


IBM + Amazon = twin flames 💘 😻

Cue the candy, soda, and popcorn. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Back in 2016, Amazon and IBM first partnered up. They claimed it to make IBM’s data, AI, and security software easier to adopt on AWS.

In August, IBM and NASA open-sourced their collaborative project. Their AI model analyzes satellite data to accelerate climate research.

Then Amazon invested $4 billion into Anthropic in exchange for 49% of the company. A move that closely emulated Microsoft and OpenAI’s partnership.

And now, the fireworks. 🧨

Yesterday, IBM and Amazon expanded their partnership. They’ll renew their vows by adding generative AI to their existing operations.

They drifted apart, but they found each other in the end. 💗

Does this change anything?

IBM plans to train 10,000 consultants on AWS’s generative AI services by the end of 2024.

I hate rom-coms. Fast-forward to the end.

The expansion focuses on improving chatbot-to-agent transitions in contact centers, optimizing cloud operations, and creating AI assistants for supply chain management.

They claim this will advance AI solutions and bring more efficient supply chain processes to businesses.


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Even more partnerships? 🐶 ❤️ 🙀

It must be something in the water. 💦

In August, we covered Google Cloud’s Duet AI. It’s an AI assistant for developers, data analysts, and more.

Then the next day, we reported on Duet AI in Google Chat. It added Duet AI, a search functionality, and the ability to chat with data to Google Chat.

On Tuesday, Google Cloud announced a partnership with Mistral AI. Google Cloud adds Mistral AI’s generative model to its Vertex AI platform.

What does that mean?

Google Vertex AI is a cloud-based machine learning platform that helps developers build, deploy, and manage their models.

Mistral AI is one of Europe’s leading AI providers. It specializes in open-source models. Its latest model outperforms Meta’s Llama 2 model in key benchmarks despite being smaller.

So, why would I care?

You can now access, test, fine-tune, and deploy Mistral-7B natively with Google’s Vertex AI Notebooks.

So, why not just use Mistral-7B without Google?

Vertex AI has a Model Registry tool where you can track different versions of your AI models and directly deploy them.

You can also use Google’s AI accelerators, which enable faster model predictions and results.


OpenAI’s project: “Dune” inspiration or desert wasteland? 👨‍🚀 🏜️

In July, we covered OpenAI killing its AI detection tool. It admitted that it had a “low rate of accuracy.”

Well, another OpenAI project bit the dust. It scrapped its LLM, Arrakis.


It’s named after a desert planet from Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel “Dune.” It’s the only planet with an essential resource, “spice.”

What was it supposed to do?

The aim was to create a system that could power AI more economically and efficiently.

AI models that enable applications like ChatGPT are expensive and resource-intensive. It requires lots of computing from cloud providers.

Why did they chuck it in the bucket?

The Arrakis model didn’t meet the expected efficiency standards. Microsoft’s executives were disappointed with its performance.



Think Pieces

What does building AI agents look like? Include the process of building AI agents, the challenges associated with it, and how to implement them.

How to use AI in Google Sheets. A guide on using chatbots, add-ons, and Google Sheets’s API to automate workflow.

Use AI to increase your productivity. A Zapier course on what generative AI is, how it works, and how to use it in your life.

Startup News

Baidu released Ernie 4.0 and claims it rivals ChatGPT. In a series of live demos, Ernie 4.0 followed verbal instructions, generated content, and more.

Square released new AI tools. They include an AI website generator, a restaurant menu creator, and more.

Foxconn and NVIDIA are building “AI factories.” They’re data centers to accelerate autonomous vehicle, machine, and robot development.


CAML - “Context-Aware-Meta-Learning” enables image classification without fine-tuning.

PALI-3 — a small, highly effective vision-language model.

LLEMMA — an open-access language for mathematical reasoning.


Marauder — record your location data on your phone and chat it.

LegalNow — AI legal assistant that drafts contracts, gives advice, and more.

LastMile a platform for AI developers and engineers to produce AI apps.

Just Story It — Create personalized stories with AI and engage with others.


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