Tesla’s new AI supercomputer

PLUS: Google Chat's new AI features


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Google Cloud and NVIDIA’s AI partnership 🌧️

    Two giants expand their partnership, so customers can build LLMs.

  • Tesla’s new (other) AI supercomputer 🖥️ 🤖

    Two’s better than one. The new one’s got 10,000 H100 GPUs.

  • Google Chat’s new AI features 🔥

    Google implemented Duet AI to add AI functionality into Chat.


Google Cloud and NVIDIA team up 🌧️

The tech giant power couple announced an expansion to their partnership to provide new infrastructure and software for customers to build LLMs.

“We’d like to sell you some more shovels.”

Term sheet:

1/ The collaboration was announced at the Google Cloud Next conference by the respective CEOs of Google Cloud and NVIDIA.

2/ Google Cloud users can access NVIDIA’s H100 and A100 Tensor Core GPUs via Google’s PaxML framework.

3/ Google Cloud will offer access to NVIDIA’s new DGX GH200 AI supercomputer.

4/ NVIDIA’s H100 will be available on Vertex AI soon.

Our take: we got ourselves a classic distribution play. Google gets dibs on access to NVIDIA’s compute, NVIDIA gets even greater platform lock-in from Google Cloud and their customers.


High-Performance Computing (HPC)

High-Performance Computing is the use of advanced computing resources, such as supercomputers or clusters, to perform complex calculation and simulations at speeds much faster than standard computers.

It’s essential for processing and analyzing large volumes of data, training complex AI models, and solving intricate problems that would otherwise be too time-consuming or impossible for regular computers.


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Tesla’s new AI supercomputer 🖥️ 🤖

Tesla has unleashed its new supercomputer. It’s a new AI cluster with 10,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs.

The electric motorized buggy maker also invested over $1 billion in July to develop its own supercomputer: Dojo.


The 1’s & 0’s:

1/ Tesla’s new supercomputer is slated for AI applications and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

2/ It offers a peak performance higher than Leonardo, the world’s fourth most powerful supercomputer.

3/ It will enable faster development for Tesla’s full self-driving (FSD) technology.

4/ Elon Musk says Tesla will spend over $2 billion in 2023 and an additional $2 billion in 2024 on FSD training.

“Due to real-world video training, we may have the largest training datasets in the world, hot tier cache beyond 200PB — orders of magnitudes more than LLMs“

Tim Zalman, AI Infra & AI Platform Engineering Manager at Tesla

Our take: with both Dojo and this new H100 GPU cluster live, Tesla gains a massive boost in computing power. Perhaps this final compute infrastructure push is what will get them over the FSD finish line.


Google Chat’s new AI features 🔥

Google announced new AI features for Google Chat. The features include Duet AI integration, automated suggestions, insights, summaries, and more.

The chat thread:

1/ Google added its AI-assistant, Duet AI, into Google Chat.

2/ It provides AI-powered updates and insights, summaries of documents, and recaps for missed conversations.

3/ It can also search through previous messages and files, and answer questions about them.

Google also plans to add an “intelligent prioritization system“ that will automatically surface relevant conversations based on your communication patterns.

Our take: Google has implemented Duet AI into several of its apps now: Workspace, Cloud, and Sheets. But will it live up to the hype? We’ll be trying it out for ourselves.



Think Pieces

Will Google Gemini “smash” ChatGPT-4? This Semianalysis article claims so, and it’s set the AI community ablaze.

A contemplative look at OpenAI’s strategy. They’ve adopted a contrarian implementation at every step of the way.

Is OpenAI guilty of EU data protection breaches? The Polish Data Protection Authority received a complaint claiming OpenAI breached GDPR.

Startup News

General Motors uses AI chatbots to take Onstar calls. That allows human employees to handle more complex requests.

Google’s plan to improve healthcare with AI. Med-Palm2 in April, collaboration with Bayer Pharmaceuticals, a partnership with HCA Healthcare, and more.

Uber Eats develops an AI chatbot for ordering food. Expediting the process of getting food into your food-hole, and recommendations for what food should go in there.


SayTap — Google’s new tracking method that uses foot contact patterns to bridge human commands to a locomotion controller that outputs low-level commands.

Cotracker — Meta’s AI model for tracking multiple points in a video.

Eventual Transformers — a method to keep compute costs down in Vision Transformers for video tasks.


Eightify [Sponsored] — summarize long videos and save time with AI. Eightify generates high-quality summaries for videos in seconds. Works on videos up to 32 hours long.

Recast [Sponsored] — turn any article into a concise audio podcast. Your AI co-hosts save you time by explaining all the important details with engaging dialogue.

OpenArt [Sponsored] — create stunning AI images without writing any prompts.


NVIDIA AI research scientist, Jim Fan, says that better retrieval should be a feature in ChatGPT Enterprise.

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