Google's new Duet AI expansion

PLUS: Snapchat launches Dreams

Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Google DeepMind launches SynthID 🧠 🧐

    A new tool to watermark and identify AI-generated images.

  • Google expands Duet AI 👫 🌧️

    Boosting productivity in software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and more.

  • Snapchat launches Dreams 👻 💭

    The AI-powered selfie feature.


DeepMind launches SynthID 🧠 🧐

DeepMind launched SynthID into beta yesterday. It’s a tool to watermark and identify AI-generated images.

I see you, bot. 🤖

It’s available for some in Imagen, the text-to-image model.

ID this:

1/ SynthID embeds an invisible watermark directly over an AI-generated image.

2/ It’s still detectable after cropping, filters, color adjustments, etc.

3/ It’s a DeepMind and Google Cloud collab.

Our take: jury’s out on how effective the new method is. But the fact that it’s invisible to humans means there’s no quality barrier for users, which means — likely more adoption than less subtle watermarking methods. Now, how it expands past Imagen is another question…



An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an app that provides a comprehensive environment for developers to write, compile, and debug their code. It typically includes features like a text editor, compiler, debugger, and often, built-in tools for version control and other development tasks.

Think Microsoft Word, but built for code, and with lots of other tools you can add on to make writing code easier.


Google expands Duet AI 👫 🌧️

Google announced Duet AI for Google Cloud. A plethora of improvements is pumping up the AI-powered pair programming partner.

Try saying that three times, fast.

The goal is to provide assistance to developers, IT operations, data analysts, cybersecurity experts, etc.

And, now it’s available in two handy places: your IDE, and Google Cloud.

Duet AI was featured at Google’s I/O developer conference this last May and rolled out to select customers. General availability is coming later this year.

What it do?

1/ Duet AI It assists users with code completion and generation in a conversational way.

2/ Users can create APIs and integrations from text prompts.

3/ It provides AI-assisted security analysis/remediation.

4/ AI-powered database management.

Our take: it’s interesting to see Duet branching into security. We’re in the middle of a security boom, and there are so many in-depth tools on the market. But AI assistants like Duet could provide a first line of defense, potentially replacing other tools for more basic needs.


Snapchat launches Dreams 👻 💭

Snapchat launched Dreams yesterday. Dreams take your selfies to another realm with fantastical scenes and fun characters.

Sleepy time:

1/ Dreams allows you to create images of yourself as mythological creatures, royalty, anime characters, etc.

2/ You can create eight generations for free. After that, you can purchase more through the app.

Hope your dreams aren’t too expensive.

3/ To access Dreams, update to the latest version, go to “Memories”, and then the “Dream” tab.

Our take: it’s not the first app to release this functionality, but these updates have a massive impact due to the app’s reach.

Its “My AI” didn’t receive the best initial reception, then it glitched and terrified people by posting an ominous story. So hopefully, this AI launch will go a little smoother.



Think Pieces

Domain-specific chatbots. What they are and how they work.

Helpful prompting tips for Anthropic’s instructional video is about 3 minutes long.

Pinecone’s guide to reduce AI’s hallucinations. Why they happen, and how to prevent them.

Startup News

Poe announced its Enterprise package. You can join the waitlist today.

Yahoo introduces a new “Shopping Saver.” It’s an AI-powered tool that searches for your old gift cards, discount codes, and store credits.


“Relighting Neural Radiance Fields” — a neural network technique for adjusting lighting in photos, tested on various scenes.

Nougat — a visual transformer model that reads and analyzes academic documents.

PMET — edit models within a transformer.


Recast [Sponsored] — turn any article into a concise audio podcast. Your AI co-hosts save you time by explaining all the important details with engaging dialogue.

Team Town [Sponsored] — your own in-house design team without those pesky design bottlenecks that slow you down. Trusted by Staples, Built, Jeep, and many others.

ChapaGPT [Sponsored] — turbocharge your Chrome browsing experience with the power of AI. Summarize content, understand context, create tailored prompts, and take your online experience to new heights.

Summate — AI-powered tool that creates summaries for newsletter subscriptions.


Ideogram, founded by Ex-Google Brain researchers, announced its formation on August 22. Yesterday, it launched its text-to-image tool for everyone.

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