Coca-Cola's new AI drink

PLUS: Stability AI's new music generator


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Adobe’s new enterprise AI platform 🤖 👔

    It launched GenStudio to streamline businesses’ content creation.

  • AI’s new fizzy drink 🥤 🫧

    Coca-Cola released a futuristic soda co-created with AI.

  • Stability’s new AI music/sound effects generator 🎸 🔥

    It launched Stability Audio. Drop the mic.


Adobe’s enterprise AI platform 🤖 👔

Adobe launched GenStudio. It’s a new end-to-end solution to streamline enterprise content creation.

Jump on that bandwagon.

The juicy deets:

1/ GenStudio combines Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Firefly, Express, and Experience Cloud.

2/ Businesses can train Firefly’s AI with their brand assets to generate tailored content.

3/ It automates content creation, so you can scale content production safely.


4/ Early users reported 75% faster project planning and a 260% increase in creative output.

Our take: Sound good, which it needs to in order to sell.

T-Mobile, Xfinity, Under Armor, and more companies already claim it’s streamlined their marketing efforts.

Who’s next?


AI-Generated QR Codes

QR codes enhanced by artificial intelligence to improve scanning accuracy, image quality, error correction, and more.

They can be used to store data in a way that aligns with a brand’s visual identity for both functionality and aesthetics.


Things just got insanely easy for content creators.

invideo AI lets you create publish-ready videos with just text prompts.

Just type in your idea, which will generate a complete video with script, stock footage, voice-overs and captions.

Unlike other AI video tools that only make short clips, invideo AI gives you a fully packaged video.

Plus, you can make quick changes by prompting the AI, just as you’d ask a human editor.

Try it for free.


Coca-Cola’s new AI beverage 🥤 🫧

Coca-Cola launched Coca-Cola Y3000. It’s a limited-edition drink co-created with artificial intelligence.

Bot drink bubbles?

It’s supposed to emulate how Coke will taste in the year 3000.

The fizz:

1/ Coca-Cola created Y3000 with insights from AI and global fans.

2/ It’s available in the US, Canada, China, Europe, and Africa.

3/ The drink’s marketing uses AI-generated imagery from Stable Diffusion.

4/ Its website offers an AI-generated QR code using Stable Diffusion. Once scanned, it leads you to the Coca-Cola Creations Hub.

Our take: Imagine that, Coke pulled off an effective marketing play. In August, It cashed in on the AI marketing buzz with Sprite’s AI art tool, Fizz.

Drink up.


Stability’s new AI music generator 🔥

Stability AI launched Stable Audio. It’s an AI-powered music and sound effects generator.

Bot bang head.

Bass drop:

1/ Stable audio generates complete musical audio, individual stems, and sound effects from text prompts.

2/ Its AI is based on a latent diffusion model. It uses a variational autoencoder, text encoder, and conditioned diffusion model, with a 907M parameter U-Net.


3/ It offers a free plan with 20 samples a month, an $11.99 plan with 500 samples a month and a commercial license, and an “Enterprise“ plan with custom options.

Our take: The AI-music debate rages on. Many musicians are outraged by AI-generated music and have protested it ever since it came out.

In August, Meta released its audio tool, AudioCraft. This promises to be a huge step up from that.



Think Pieces

Behind the scenes of AI. The people that train it, how AI is the new blockchain and more.

How your social media and email accounts train AI. Google’s term for it is “data donation.”

Startup News

Adobe Firefly is out of Beta. It launched commercially with a free and commercial plan.

YouTube announces AI-powered ads. Early adopters have seen an increase in conversions.

Druid, a conversational AI startup, raised $30 million. The Romanian company will use the funding to double down on growth in the US.


AstroLLaMA — an AI model fine-tuned with LLaMA-2 using over 300,000 astronomy abstracts from arXiv.

InstaFlow — a one-step diffusion-based image generation tool with SD-level image quality.

NeXT-GPT — an end-to-end general-purpose Multimodal LLMs.


ExLlama V2 — a library to run LLMs locally on modern consumer-class GPUs.

Solidroad — AI-powered role-play sales team training tool.

Healsens — AI-powered medical record that analyzes your record for health risks.

TimeOS AI — AI scheduling tool that’s time-aware and creates meeting summaries.


Stability AI got so much traffic to its Stable Audio launch that it crashed the site.

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