Google announced 3 new AI features for Chrome

PLUS: 1, 2, cha cha cha


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Google Chrome’s AI. Please or tease? 🫢 💻

    Google adds 3 new AI features to Google Chrome.

  • Translate your video’s audio like a boss👂 🌈

    ElevenLabs launched Dubbing Studio across 29 languages.

  • 1, 2, cha cha cha 💃🕺

    Google unveiled Lumiere, a text-to-video model for motion.


Google Chrome gets good, son 🫢 💻

Last month, we reported on Google’s highly anticipated AI model, Gemini. We went over its controversial demo, model sizes, and more.

A couple of days later, we covered Google Gemini again. It got wrecked in multiple benchmarks by a GPT 4 prompting method.

Then a week later, we covered Google’s text-to-image model, Imagen 2. It announced its general availability with API access for developers.

A couple of days later, we reported on Google’s VideoPoet. It’s a powerful, new video generation model that’s context-aware.

More goo-goo, gaga?

Indeed. On Tuesday, Google announced 3 new AI features for Chrome. It added Tab Organizer, Customize Chrome, and Help Me Write to its web browser.

Tab Organizer, you say?

It allows you to group similar tabs automatically to reduce tab overload. It analyzes page content and suggests tab groups for tasks like travel planning, research, shopping, and more.

Sweet. What’s Customize Chrome?

It allows you to generate custom browser themes with text prompts. You can create unique themes to add personalization based on mood, style, colors, and more without needing graphic design skills.

What’s the other one? I forgot.

Help Me Write. It helps you compose messages by generating text from a prompt, like ChatGPT. The goal is to keep you in your workflow so you don’t have to switch to an external chatbot for writing assistance.

I’m pumped, how do I activate these features?

You can’t yet. Google claims the Tab Organizer and Theme Generator should arrive in the next few days. Help Me Write won’t be available until next month.

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BrainSoup — BrainSoup is a multi-agent, multi-LLM AI platform for Windows that lets you create specialized AI agents that can interact with your local computer to perform tasks autonomously.

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Do you hear that? Ooh wah ah ah ah👂 🌈

In December, we reported on Pakistan’s former prime minister’s DeepFake. He used AI tools from ElevenLabs to create an AI-generated speech from prison.

The next day, we covered Microsoft and Suno’s partnership. This gave you text-to-song capabilities directly in Microsoft Copilot.

On Friday, we covered Adobe’s AI audio editing features for Premiere Pro. It added Enhanced Speech, Audio Categorization, and more.

Do I hear more news?👂

On Tuesday, ElevenLabs launched Dubbing Studio. It’s a new AI tool for video translation, transcript editing, and more.

Why do I care?

You can translate the audio in your videos across 29 languages and adjust them for naturalness, accent, and other more to match your desired style. It even works for musical segments.

How does it work?

You upload your files, select a language, and start editing the voices to your liking. You can align dialogue and adjust time codes accordingly for a more seamless viewing experience.

Let me guess, it’s not available yet?

You can use it today. To get started, click here.

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Come on baby, do the Google motion 💃🕺

Speak of the devil. 😈

Yesterday, Google announced a new text-to-video model, Lumiere. It generates videos with realistic, versatile motion with a single prompt.

What can I do with it?

You can transform still images into videos, animate video regions with text prompts, transfer styles from one video into another, mimic cinematic motion effects, and more.

What’s different about it?

It produces smooth camera movements and intricate object animations over several seconds. It allegedly excels where traditional models fall short in handling fast and repetitive motions.

Sounds dope. How can I use it?

You can’t yet.



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Auro Journal — a journal app that does voice-to-text, AI insights, and more.

Is It You? — create a chatbot that mimics your tone of voice.

ChatPhoto — extract text from images, ask questions about images, and more.

Think Pieces

AI researcher, Jim Fan, did a Ted talk. He talks about AI’s development over time, the challenges it will face, and more.

UK’s government declared AI reproducing copyrighted works illegal. This includes text and data mining use cases.

A tool that prevents AI models from training with your art. It’s free, and doesn’t rely on poisoning or other controversial strategies.

Startup News

Google adds Gemini AI to its search ads. You can put in your website URL and instruct AI to create your ad, images, SEO, and more.

Google ended its contract with Appen. It’s an Australian AI firm that provides training data for AI models. This accounted for 30% of Appen’s revenue.

Microsoft and Planet announce a new partnership. The goal is to create an AI that tackles environmental reporting, sustainability, and more.


StreamVoice — a streamable language model that’s context-aware and delivers real-time, zero-shot voice conversion.

Make-A-Shape — a 3D generation model that’s trained on over 10 million 3D shapes that create complex structures and clean surfaces immediately.

DITTO — a technique to get more control out of pre-trained text-to-music diffusion models.



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