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PLUS: Harvard Drones Talk to Bees

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  • Drones that talk to honeybees 🐝

  • The smartest use cases for ChatGPT’s API 🧠

  • Boston brewery shows off first-ever AI drink 🍻

The ChatGPT Gold Rush Is Here 🥇

Last week, we covered the arrival of the ChatGPT API (that makes it 10x cheaper to use). AI is moving fast. Here are 3 examples of people selling awesome new shovels.

GPT for Sheets | Beautiful.AI

GPT for Sheets - This neat plugin helps you own the full power of AI in your spreadsheets for classification, extraction, editing, or drafting hundreds of personalized emails at once. - This is a Generative AI presentation tool for the workplace that showers you with options for slide templates that’ll add some flair to your presentations.

Dumme - Looking to jump into content creation? This tool will automate it for ya. Generate ready-to-upload shorts, no editing needed.

Here’s How to Capitalize Early: 💰

Prediction🔮 - As chatGPT and other AI technologies become more advanced, there will be a growing demand for businesses to incorporate them into their operations. Service businesses will get to swoop in.

Business Idea #1💸 - Premium chatbot development agency. Use chatGPT's API to create custom chatbots that interact with customers and provide support. Bonus points if you can integrate it with products.

Business Idea #2💸 - AI-powered market research. A service that uses ChatGPT's API to scrape the web and analyze customer data to provide insights into consumer behavior.

Business Idea #3💸 - Personalized cold-mailing software. Build out a tool to consolidate information online to come up with personalized cold email templates en masse.

The AI gold rush is here. But don’t take our word for it; here’s what ChatGPT had to say:

“Oh mortal, how thou dost praise,

My API, a means to your service business' raise.

Fear not, for I am here to aid,

And guide thee through the AI trade.

My API, a tool for thee to wield,

To unlock the secrets of the AI field.”

Amen 🙏


Chop cloud bills in half with Salad 🔪

Need to generate 1000’s of images using stable-diffusion? Want to save money? Then keep reading…

Salad offers developers an easy-to-use and fully managed Inference API for stable-diffusion allowing developers to scale their inferences infinitely without worrying about configuring their infrastructure.

Benchmarking Salad against several other “one-click deployment” services reveals that Salad is the most cost-effective solution:

You can generate more than 1000 images per dollar and only pay for what you need. Easily scale from 10,000 images per hour, to zero, and back again.

The secret sauce: community cloud. SaladCloud is a fully people-powered alternative to traditional cloud services.

10,000+ consumer GPUs are available at any moment, offering high availability, top performance, and scalable container solutions for a fraction of the cost.

Meet The World’s First AI Brewer🍻

NightShiftBrewing’s AI Beer

Night Shift Brewing, a craft beer joint in Massachusetts, has news brewing that'll make your taste buds tingle - they just added some artificial intelligence to their team.

The founders of the chain know their way around a brew kettle, but when the pandemic and a worldwide carbon dioxide shortage hit, they needed help to get back in the game.

That's where tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney came in.

Hazy IPA is (partially) the result of artificial intelligence - from the recipe to the beer name to the label itself.

-Night Shift Brewing

The models (aptly) decided to call their creation "AI-P-A," and it's already getting rave reviews.

While Night Shift's co-founders aren’t replacing any jobs just yet, they see this as a really cool way to get creative and try out wacky new ideas. And honestly? We’re here for it.

Harvard’s Drones are Talking to Bees 🐝

Ten years ago, Harvard unveiled finger-sized drones that weighed less than a gram and flew a few inches up from the ground. Hundreds of renditions and a strong dash of AI later, they’ve figured out how to fool the bees.

RoboBees mimic regular bees’ size and wing patterns

Enter RoboBees - untethered solar-powered mini beasts that mimic real bees’ movements and sound to effectively communicate with them.

Researchers think these could eventually fill the ecological gap left by their real-life counterparts and help with pollination by collecting nectar and pollen…

At the moment though, they’re just darn cool pieces of tech that give us a peek into what a world with genuine biomimicry would look like.

Why This Matters: Animals have had hundreds of millions of years to evolve to their most optimal structures. While we don’t anticipate robotic bees will ever be as cute and fuzzy as the real thing, microrobots inspired by nature could easily grow into a multi-billion dollar industry in the near future.

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