IBM and Salesforce's new AI partnership

PLUS: Samsung's new food AI

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That’s all from me, here’s what else is on the menu today:

  • Call of Duty’s new AI 🔫 🤖

    Activision and Modulate’s ToxMod will debut in the next Call of Duty.

  • IBM and Salesforce partner up 🤖 ❤️ 🤖

    Teaming up to help companies adopt AI into their businesses.

  • “Samsung Food,” a new foodie AI app 🤤 🌮 

    Over 160,000 recipes, meal plans, and more.


Call of Duty gets new AI 🔫 🤖

Activision partnered with Modulate to create “ToxMod.It’s an AI model to combat chat toxicity in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

Toxicity in games? Well, I never...

It debuts November 10 with the game’s release.

1/ ToxMod identifies hate speech, discriminatory language, and harassment in real time, then put a stop to it.

2/ Call of Duty’s existing anti-toxicity AI has tamed over a million accounts in Modern Warfare II.

Take: it’s hard to tell what balance this strikes between addressing toxic behavior online and stepping in as Big Brother. But with the long-standing cyberbullying epidemic, it’s uplifting to see a big gaming studio addressing the problem head-on.


IBM Watson

An AI platform that uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to analyze large amounts of data, extract insights, and provide recommendations.

It’s designed to assist in decision-making, automate work, and apply intelligent personalization to business.


IBM and Salesforce partner up 🤖 ❤️ 🤖

IBM and Salesforce announced a new partnership yesterday. The goal: help companies adopt AI for better customer relationship management (sales) and increase productivity.

Buzzword-to-English translation:

1/ IBM and Salesforce are collaborating to get more businesses to buy their special flavor of AI. They’re sharing AI models with each other, including IBM Watson, to get the best out of both sides.

2/ More AI integrated into Salesforce means business can take the data they’re already collecting from customers and feed it to AI for greater insight. In theory, greater insight = more revenue, more better, more faster.

3/ IBM will use their “Garage” sauce into place to increase the speed of AI adoption.

Our take: alliances, alliances everywhere. Just yesterday, Google Cloud and NVIDIA expanded their own partnership.

Expect more to come on the strategic partnership front.

But all this begs the question: when will these alliances start fracturing?


Samsung’s new food AI 🤤 🌮

Samsung launched “Samsung Food.It’s an AI-powered food and recipe app.

Ah yes, time for some human food, that’s my favorite type of food.

It’s available in eight languages and 104 countries.


1/ Samsung Food offers over 160,000 recipes, personalized meal plans, and online ingredient ordering.

2/ Ratatouille activate in 3-2-1: cooking appliance control features, guided cooking functionality, and social media sharing options.

3/ Samsung plans to integrate Samsung Health into the app to provide diet suggestions based on BMI, body composition, calorie consumption, etc.

Our take: there are tons of health apps out there, but Samsung Food integration with its appliances could be game-changing. It’s just a matter of time before more kitchen appliance makers follow suit.



Think Pieces

How teachers can use ChatGPT in the classroom. OpenAI’s blog article on how ChatGPT works, what its limitations are, suggested prompts, and more.

Is OpenAI guilty of copyright infringement? Addressing the elephant in the room: it claims it’s not guilty of direct infringement and that training its AI models is transformative fair use.

Startup News

Microsoft unveils new capabilities of its AI model, Copilot. How to utilize Power Automate Process Mining and more.

QuantHealth raises $15 million. The mission: bring AI-informed clinical drug trials to the US.


Google Research article on ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition). Methods to address the problem of text stability of live captions.

Wharton Professor’s tweet about GPT. Research evidence that GPT can answer complicated health questions.

RoboTAP — a method to solve complex robotics problems such as shape-matching, stacking, and path-following.


Listen Monster — a free AI-powered audio transcription tool.

Lingtual — create AI-tools and chatbots that integrate with your data without any coding knowledge required.

Open Interpreter — automate tasks by implementing LLMs on your computer and allowing them to run code, etc.

Dover ATS — a free hiring tool tailored for startups.


OpenAI’s co-founder and president tweeted some sound logic. Then a wild Elon chimed in.

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