Filming robo fighters

PLUS: Japan <3 ChatGPT

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  • Japan government looks to integrate GPT 🎎 

  • Robo fight filmed in realtime 🤖 

  • GPT-4 will save you money 💰️ 

  • Coding apps on smartphones 📱 

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ChatGPT invades Japan 🏯 

Japan is considering adopting ChatGPT to help run parts of its government.

During Sam Altman’s visit to Japan this week, he spoke with the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary. During their talk, the secretary said Japan could use ChatGPT to reduce government workers' workload, but only if privacy and cybersecurity concerns are resolved first.

Hot on the heels of Italy's ChatGPT ban, Japan is not willing to take any chances with data breaches.

Altman also promised to tweak the model to better suit Japanese culture and announced OpenAI is considering opening an office in Japan.

The big picture: OpenAI is eager to reassure governments and individuals alike of its commitment to safety and privacy. Scoring the Japanese Government as a customer would be a big win.


Intelligent Agent

An intelligent Agent is anything which can sense it’s environment and take actions autonomously in order to achieve some goal.

Robots, human beings, and even your thermostat are examples of Intelligent Agents.


Story-based language learning is here.

Mother is a language learning tool that sends you comprehensible stories in your target language every single day.

Each story comes with images, emojis, and voice-overs to aid translation.

On the roadmap is a personal AI tutor which you can converse with to accelerate your language acquisition.


Filming with virtual robots 📽️ 

Wonder Dynamics just came out with an AI Studio that replaces complex 3D software and expensive production hardware (and probably some jobs).

Here’s a demo film company SSK Productions created using Wonder Studio to create a full-fledged robot-fight scene, replacing the human actor with a robot in just a couple of clicks (full demo):

fight scene animated via Wonder Studio

The studio detects cuts and tracks the actor throughout the sequence based on a single camera’s footage and transfers it to the character of your choice – all while automatically animating, lighting and composing.

Wonder Studio claims this already eliminates 80% of VFX work on the low end.

Our prediction: We’re going to see both professional and creative media production skyrocket in volume (which means human attention becomes even more valuable) and VFX artists will need to switch to more idea-driven roles vs focusing on technical implementation.


GPT4 🤝 DoNotPay

GPT-4 plugins have just started rolling out for early access, and robot lawyer DoNotPay (who we’ve written about before) has already demoed an integration to automate canceling annoying memberships.

Using ChatGPT to cancel your gym membership.


Twitter feature idea prototype for muting GPT-bros.


Think Pieces

The pros and cons of AI vs human writing for content marketing.

Can AI create thought leadership content?

Startup News

Alphabet’s AI frenzy hits startup scene as CapitalG unit leads $100 million investment in AlphaSense.

Alibaba unveils ambition for a copilot as China steps up scrutiny over generative AI.

Infogrid raises $90M for its AI-driven building monitoring tech.


Multi-Robot Visual SLAM: a system of robots that can simultaneously understand and map their surroundings.

ChatGPT Empowered Long-Step Robot Control in Various Environments: A Case Application.


This beach does not exist: generating beaches that don’t exist.

TLDR this: an AI tool for summarizing long text pieces.

AutoDraw: Microsoft paint on steroids, it turns scribbles into art.

Unscreen: remove the background from your videos.


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