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  • Meta, Hugging Face, and Scaleway partner for Open-source AI

Meta, Hugging Face, and Scaleway partner for Open-source AI

PLUS: Microsoft's new election cybersecurity measures


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Meta and Hugging Face. Could this be love? ❤️ 🥰

    They partnered with Scaleway to create an open-source AI program.

  • Dev Day’s done. Samsung’s AI forum also happened 🙋‍♀️ 💻

    It unveiled its AI models for language, coding, and image generation.

  • Microsoft’s new cybersecurity measure for elections 🏛️ 🇺🇸

    It’s new tools and measures to protect against misinformation.


Meta + Hugging Face = ❤️ at 1st sight 🥰

Yesterday, Meta announced a new partnership with Hugging Face. It also includes a cloud infrastructure company called Scaleway.

What happens in France…

They plan to create an AI startup program in Paris at Station F.

The program aims to foster a more open and cooperative way of creating AI tech in the French tech scene.

What’s the deal with this AI program?

They claim it seeks to bring the benefits of open AI models to France's economy and technology sector.

Startups can apply to the program up to December 1 and must be willing to use open-source AI in their projects.

The winners will get guidance from Meta's experts, access to Hugging Face tools, and computing resources from Scaleway.

So, this is a strategic, open-source play?

Yes. The debate on whether AI development should be open to all or kept under tighter control rages on.

Meta supports an open approach to AI, as shown by their chief AI scientist Yann LeCun, and others calling for less hurried regulation to avoid power concentration that could hinder competition and innovation.

Why Hugging Face?

Meta and Hugging Face both advocate for open-source AI, in contrast to some other big tech firms.

Hugging Face positions itself as an open-source rival to OpenAI, offering public alternatives to AI models similar to ChatGPT and leading community initiatives like BigScience.

BigScience is an open, collaborative workshop of more than 1000 researchers that study and create large LLMs.

I see, so why Scaleway?

Meta chose Scaleway over larger companies like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google because they’re more supportive of open-source AI.

“For startup working in AI, access to computing power is essential. As the European leader in AI-focused cloud infrastructures, it makes perfect sense for Scaleway to take part in this program, to ensure startups have the resources they need to succeed. Innovation is ingrained in Scaleway’s DNA, so we are excited to contribute actively to this ecosystem.“

-Damien Lucas, Managing Director at Scaleway

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Content Credentials

Microsoft’s current method to help users identify and track AI-generated images.

All images created in Bing Image Creator are watermarked by Content Credentials. They appear next to the image so users can confirm the time and date the original image was created.


Dev Day’s over. Samsung’s turn 🙋‍♀️ 💻

In September, we reported on Samsung Food. It’s an AI-powered food and recipe app.

In October, we covered Samsung’s new AI processor, Exynos 2400. It’s a powerful mobile processor with state-of-the-art graphics and AI tech.

I’m going to go out on a limb. Samsung did something recently?

No. Just kidding.

At its AI Forum, Samsung unveiled Samsung Gauss. It’s a new generative AI system aimed at enhancing productivity across a wide range of applications.

What is it?

It comprises three components:

  • Samsung Gauss Language for language processing,

  • Samsung Gauss Code for software development assistance

  • Samsung Gauss Image for creating and editing images.

Why Gauss?

It’s named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, the German mathematician, who is regarded as one of the greatest mathematicians ever.

Samsung claims it reflects its vision to harness all worldly knowledge and phenomena through AI to benefit its consumers.

So Samsung cranked out a model because AI is a cash cow?

Maybe, but here’s a quote:

“The name reflects Samsung’s ultimate vision for the models, which is to draw from all the phenomena and knowledge in the world in order to harness the power of AI to improve the lives of consumers everywhere,”

- Samsung

How do I watch the event?

Samsung says the video will be available on its YouTube channel on November 16th. If you still care by then, here’s the link:


Microsoft combats election fraud? 🏛️ 🇺🇸

On Tuesday, we covered Microsoft’s study on how AI makes businesses profitable. It showed that businesses that invested $1 in AI got an average of $3.5 back.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced its cybersecurity tools for elections. The purpose is allegedly to protect against AI-generated misinformation.


It plans to launch Content Credentials as a Service in Spring 2024 to help political campaigns verify the authenticity of their media content.

It uses digital watermarks from the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) to show if an image or video has been altered.

That’s it?

They’re also forming a Campaign Success Team that will offer cybersecurity advice to political campaigns to prevent misinformation and protect their public image.

On top of this, they’re creating an Election Communications Hub to provide rapid response security support to election authorities.

Doesn’t Bing Search spew out misinformation?

They must’ve seen that coming.

Microsoft also claimed that Bing will work with news sources to provide authoritative election information and partner with nonprofits to ensure the spread of credible news.



Think Pieces

Ethan Mollick’s post on GPTs. What they do, how to create them, use cases, GPT Builder, and more.

An insider look at Dev Day. What happened on the stage and behind the scenes?

A 122-page, comprehensive guide to generative AI. It goes of the AI boom, the current state of AI, the big plays in the markets, and more.

Startup News

IBM launched a $500 million AI fund. It dedicated $500 million to invest in AI startups.

Figma adds its AI integrations into FigJam. It helps you generate templates, diagrams, summaries, and more.

Replit’s CEO raises $20 million from Craft Ventures. The money will go to provide developers with sophisticated AI tools.


RELAX — a framework that optimizes dynamic AI workloads across many different environments.

CogVLM — a visual language model that’s open-source and uses a trainable visual expert module to enhance multimodal capabilities.

S-LoRA — a method that enhances the “pretrain-then-finetune” approach to allow scalable serving of multiple task-specific Lora adapters.


Steno — a dinosaur that dictates your voice to help you type faster.

Flame My Site — put in your website and AI analyzes it and provides feedback.

Fabric — upload all of your business and home data and interact with it.

Seek AI — AI-powered business analytics with conversational capabilities.

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