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PLUS: Alibaba's new AI models


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • AMD & Mipsology team up 💽 🇫🇷

    AMD acquired the team behind AI software Zebra.

  • Meta released Code Llama 🖥️ 🦙

    The hotly anticipated coding LLM is out.

  • AIibaba’s AI models 🤖 🇨🇳

    Two new multimodal AI models: Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat.


AMD acquires Mipsology 💽 🇫🇷

AMD acquired Mipsology. They’re the team behind Zebra.

Exactly like this one, except it’s different: 🦓.

Zebra is an AI software used in autonomous vehicles, robotic manufacturing, and smart retail.

Cheese and wine:

1/ The strategy behind the acquisition: use Zebra to accelerate AI computing tasks on AMD chips.

2/ Mipsology has extensive experience tailoring Zebra for AMD hardware.

3/ AMD’s Vice president, Scott Herkelman, tweeted that it’s planning for “major product announcements“ at Gamescom 2023.

Our take: AMD launched the M1300x, its newest AI chip, in June. This new partnership is another maneuver to challenge NVIDIA.

But AMD isn’t the only challenger. They’re also contending against Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and virtually every tech giant — who are all developing their own AI chips to get a slice of the pie.


Coding LLM

Coding LLMs are large language models that generate, understand, and optimize computer code. They’re designed to assist in code completion, bug detection, and code translation amoung other coding-related tasks.


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Meta’s Code Llama is here 🖥️ 🦙

Meta released Code Llama. It’s a new fine-tuned coding LLM.

And it’s available in three sizes — 7 billion, 13 billion, and 34 billion parameters.


1/ Code Llama outperformed Codex and AlphaCode. It scored similarly to ChatGPT in Benchmark tests.

2/ It’s trained on 500 billion tokens of code data.

3/ It’s built on Llama 2.

4/ It’s available on Perplexity.

Code Llama seems promising, but Meta’s unreleased “Unnatural“ model is also making waves. It’s trained on synthetic data, and developers have created fine-tuned versions that outperform GPT-4.

Our take: we’re in the coding AI arms race now. GitHub, AWS, Google and others have released (e.g. GitHub Copilot) or developing their own smart coding assistants.

Plus, ChatGPT is no slouch, especially with GPT-4 — in our experience, it’s worked well both for apps and scripting.

See more: we also covered Code Llama last week.


Alibaba’s new AI models 🤖 🇨🇳

Alibaba launched two new AI models Qwen-VL (Qwen Large Vision Language Model) and Qwen-VL-Chat.

“New is always better.”

Both are multimodal, Vision-Language models.

Brass tacks:

1/ The models understand input images, texts, and bounding boxes, and generate captions based on open-ended queries.

2/ “Multi-image interleaved conversations,“ enable users to engage using multiple images and questions.

3/ Both models are open-source.

Our take: Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat were released on Chinese Valentine’s Day. Is AI love in the air? 😍

The “Multi-image interleaved conversations,” is a game-changer. It’s one of the first models that detects bounding boxes through open-domain language expression in both Chinese and English.

Other LLMs will undoubtedly incorporate this feature, and fast.



Think Pieces

Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross discuss AI hype. They believe we’re at the height of a “AI hype cycle.“

Is it possible to build a trustworthy AI chatbot for news? A new chatbot called “Smart Answers” appeared on Macworld, PCWorld, Tech Advisor, and TechHive. More on how it’s performed so far.

Startup News

NVIDIA plans to buy $25 billion of its shares back. Does NVIDIA believe it’s undervalued?

Qualcomm plans to release “Holy Grail“ AI on mobile devices. A new line of Snapdragon chips promises embedded AI, and not just for pretty photos.

LinkedIn recently upgraded its feed with AI. It now recommends more personalized content.


Motion-to-Matching — a method that improves LIDAR detection for motion tracking.

Prompt2Model — a framework that supports model distillation, dataset generation, evaluation, dataset retrieval, and model retrieval research.


Recast [Sponsored] — turn any article into a concise audio podcast. Your AI co-hosts save you time by explaining all the important details with engaging dialogue.

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AI Dad Jokes — AI creates a “dad joke“ based on uploaded pictures.

WITAS (Wait is that a sticker?) — AI-powered sticker generation tool for mobile devices.


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