Midjourney's new AI feature

PLUS: EU & UK's Custom Instructions upgrade


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • ‘Yuge ChatGPT upgrade 🦾 🤖

    More steerable, more better. Details below.

  • Midjourney’s new AI feature, “Vary Region“ 🖼️

    An inpainting feature to regenerate regions of upscaled images.

  • OpenAI’s new free UK AI feature 🇬🇧 🔥

    Custom Instructions went free on August 9. Now it’s available in EU & the UK.


ChatGPT’s fine-tuning upgrades 🦾 🤖

Open AI announced fine-tuning and API updates for GPT-3.5 Turbo yesterday. Apparently, the new 3.5 can outperform base GPT-4 capabilities in certain tasks.

Old dog, new tricks!

Fine-tuning for GPT-4 is coming soon.

The tune-up:

1/ You can customize the model for improved steerability, reliable output formatting, and custom tone.

2/ Open AI claims fine-tuning is most effective when combined with solid prompt engineering, information retrieval, and function calling.

3/ Data used for fine-tuning gets reviewed by Open AI’s Moderation API and a GPT-4 powered moderation system for safety.

Our take: one could argue that reliable output formatting and steerability is what takes GPT-4 from a more organic tool you consult one on one, to something you can increasingly leverage in automation via API (and trust us — you have to reaaally prompt engineer to get GPT-3.5 to stick to a particular format for repeat tasks). This is good news for the OpenAI camp!



Inpainting refers to filling in missing or corrupted parts of an image using information from the surrounding areas. Inpainting algorithms reconstruct lost or imperfect segments in a visually coherent manner, so everything flows smoothly.

Inpainting can also be applied to video.


Your AI Research Assistant

Ever found yourself up at midnight, 20 tabs open, staring at a report due tomorrow that you’ve barely started?

Sounds like you need Upword.

Upword helps you capture notes, summarize information, and answer all your questions. It’s got all the power of GPT-4, personalized to your knowledge.

It does the hard work for you. Like an intern you barely have to pay… or feed.

Get your research done 10X faster using the GPT-powered research tool built to help you understand the bottom line of what you need to know, easily and fast.


Midjourney’s new AI feature 🖼️

Midjourney just released “Vary Region.“ It’s a new inpainting feature that regenerates specific parts of an upscaled image.

Upscale, funk you up, uspcale funk you up. 🎶 

You can access it via Discord Desktop for Mac and PC.

How does it work?

1/ After you upscale an image on Midjourney, you’ll see the new “Vary Region” option pops up.

2/ To edit images, select the freehand or rectangular selection tool located in the lower-left corner of the editor.

3/ Then click the submit button on the Midjourney Bot to send your edit requests. Et voilà!

Our take: Midjourney added the “panning” feature in July. These two features complement each other nicely. With companies like Adobe doubling down on inpainting, it’s nice to see Midjourney keep pacing.


EU & UK receive GPT-4’s Custom Instructions 🇬🇧

ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions are now available for free tier users in the UK and EU. It’s a prompt-engineering shortcut, initially released on July 20.

1/ OpenAI initially released Custom Instructions to GPT-4 Plus users. More on that here.

2/ Then, released it to free users earlier this month. We covered that here.

3/ Now, we got the combo of free and in the UK & EU.

Patience is a virtue.

Our take: for now, the month-long gaps aren’t a huge deal between regions. But as we draw nearer to the singularity, we might see some crazy tech advancement gaps with delays even as small as this one…



Think Pieces

So, ChatGPT can play chess. Despite several popular videos making fun of its chess ability, given the right prompt, it’s actually good. Unclear if recent updates have fixed the errors seen in this fun video from a National Master.

The UK plans to spend £100 million on AI chips. The money will be split between NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel.

Startup News

Genesis Therapeutics raises $200 million. Discovery and development of small-molecule drugs.

Interview with Microsoft’s top executives. CEO Satya Nadella, CTO Kevin Scott, and others talk AI.

Snapchat has more generative AI in the works. ”Dreams” will create selfies in “fantastical places and scenarios.“


RAVEN — a model that combines retrieval-augmented masked language modeling and prefix language modeling to tackle common issues in ATLAS.

Link-Content Learning — a method to enhance the learning capabilities of Multimodal Large Language Models (MLLMs).

Dual-Stream Diffusion Net (DSDN) — a method that uses separate streams for video content and motion to maintain content consistency and motion dynamics in generated videos.


Eightify [Sponsored] — use AI to summarize long videos and save time. Eightify generates high-quality summaries for videos in seconds. Works on videos up to 32 hours long.

UpWord [Sponsored] — your own personal ChatGPT-powered research assistant. It captures notes, summarizes information, and answers all your questions.

Durable [Sponsored] — the AI website builder that generates an entire website, complete with images and copy — in 30 seconds.

Cerelyze — an AI tool that transforms technical papers into working code.


Stable Diffusion was released a year ago, yesterday.

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