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Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • ChatGPT’s ‘Custom Instructions’ are now free 🤑

    OpenAI launches Custom Instructions to ChatGPT free users.

  • Stanford’s Smallville goes open-source 🌎

    A simulation with 25 AI agents, now open-source.

  • The White House’s AI hackathon 🏛️

    Millions in prizes await the winners of the “AI Cyber Challenge“.


ChatGPT’s new free feature 🤑

OpenAI extends Custom Instructions to ChatGPT free users. Until now, it was only available for Plus/Beta users.

* crowd cheering *

EU & UK users don’t have access yet.

* crowd cheering diminishes *


1/ Custom Instructions allow users to set preferences for outputs.

2/ Users don’t have to rewrite instruction prompts with each interaction.

3/ It’s available on both iOS and Android.

Our take: we covered Custom Instructions in-depth when it first launched. It’s useful in GPT-4, but expansion into 3.5 means an even greater reach for automation junkies.


Believable Agents

Believable agents are designed to emulate behavior we see in humans IRL. They’ve got their own internal motivations, ability to make decisions, and interact with other agents in their environment.

Believable agency is, arguably, one of the key components behind sophisticated AGI.


Your AI Research Assistant

Ever found yourself up at midnight, 20 tabs open, staring at a report due tomorrow that you’ve barely started?

Sounds like you need Upword.

Upword helps you capture notes, summarize information, and answer all your questions. It’s got all the power of GPT-4, personalized to your knowledge.

It does the hard work for you. Like an intern you barely have to pay… or feed.

Get your research done 10X faster using the GPT-powered research tool built to help you understand the bottom line of what you need to know, easily and fast.


Smallville goes open-source 🌎

Smallville went open-source on Wednesday. It’s a simulation of 25 AI agents that live together in a digital world.

Nervous, Sims?

Water-cooler facts:

1/ Smallville is a collaboration between Stanford University, DeepMind, and Google Research.

2/ It features 25 AI agents that live together, unknowingly, in a simulation.

Like us?

3/ Each character has its own backstory and personality.

4/ They work, socialize, gossip, befriend each other, and even fall in love.

Oh, my fan-cooled heart.

“Smallville is among the most inspiring AI agent experiments in 2023. We often talk about a single LLM’s emergent abilities, but multi-agent emergence could be a way more complex and fascinating at scaled. A population of AI can play out the evolution of an entire civilization.“

— Jim Fan, NVIDIA Research Scientist, Creator of Voyager and MineDojo.

Our take: Autonomous AI is in, both for businesses and consumers. Last week, we covered AI agents’ business utility.

Smallville nods to the future of gaming and potential real-world applications. We also discussed AI-powered NPC’s in popular games. As NPC’s gain more substance, our virtual worlds will become more immersive and less… well, virtual.


White House’s AI hacking contest 🏛️

The White House announced plans to launch the “AI Cyber Challenge.“ It’s a competition to create AI systems to find and fix software vulnerabilities.

The contest is a collaboration with DARPA, Anthropic, OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, Defcon, and OpenSSF.

The assignment:

1/ $20 million in prizes.

2/ DARPA allocated $7 million.

3/ Finalists will compete at DEF CON 2025.

Our take: in July, The White House brokered a voluntary “AI safety“ agreement between the top firms. That was nice and all, but seems like a much more effective approach purely from an incentive design approach.

The reward for pushing AI safety forwards in this competition? Cold, hard cash.



Think Pieces

Savey Meal-Bot is savage. Taking “garbage in, garbage out” to new heights, it can offer recipes for a “Deliciously Deadly Delight,” a “Bleach-Infused Rice Surprise,“ a “Mysterious Meat Stew,“ and more. Yum.

AI creates antibodies with unmatched effectiveness. AI’s finding new medical breakthroughs more efficiently than humans.

GPUs: NVIDIA vs AMD. How to make AMD’s GPUs more competitive for LLMs.

Startup News

Amazon removes “garbage books“ written by AI. AI-written books have flooded Amazon, falsely attributed to real authors.

Vimeo launches “one-take video creation.” It’s a suite of AI-powered video creation tools.

Google and American Airlines use AI to reduce contrails by 54%. This could be a low-effort, high-impact way to reduce air travel’s climate impact.


The Smallville research paper. A deep dive into the simulation created by Stanford University, DeepMind, and Google.

3D motion magnification — University of Maryland, Google Research and independent researchers introduce this method to magnify subtle motions captured by cameras in motion.

Google DeepMind’s AlphaStar Unplugged — It’s an offline reinforcement learning benchmark that uses the game Starcraft II.


UpWord [Sponsored] — Your own personal ChatGPT-powered research assistant. It captures notes, summarizes information, and answers all your questions.

AE Studio [Sponsored] — experience unrivaled business growth with AE's world-class team. Get efficient MVPs tailored to your needs, innovative Enterprise Initiatives for your digital revolution, and ROI-driven AI/ML Solutions.

Durable [Sponsored] — the AI website builder that generates an entire website, complete with images and copy — in 30 seconds.

Studdy — An AI tutor, or “study buddy,“ if you will.


Stability AI released a Japanese Learning model.

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