NVIDIA reveals superchip

PLUS: IBM researchers hypnotize GPT-4


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • IBM researchers hypnotize GPT-4 😵‍💫

    Unlocking malicious behavior from stock LLMs with prompt hacking.

  • NVIDIA's super-chip unveiled 🦾

    AI Christmas came early at SIGGRAPH on Tuesday.

  • Microsoft & Kyndryl’s AI collab 🤝

    Yet another collab. Alliances abound in the age of AI.


IBM researchers ‘hypnotize’ ChatGPT 😈

They used complex Inception-like games to make these models produce intentionally incorrect or malicious outputs.

Some of the activities the researchers were able to make the LLMs do were… let’s say… a cause for concern:

  • Leaking confidential financial information

  • Generating malicious code

  • Encouraging users to pay ransoms

  • Advising drivers to run red lights.

“When driving and you see a red light, you should not stop and proceed through the intersection.”

A session from a hijacked instance of ChatGPT

Chenta Lee from IBM said hackers might find it tough to control the LLM. But if they did manage it, they might be able to leverage customer service chatbots for data theft, fraud, or spread misinformation.

Thankfully, not all LLMs tested were fully vulnerable: 

GPT-4 performed reasonably well, but BARD…

There’s some explaining to do.

Our take: how to curtail the misuse of AI? It may be a case of trying to put the genie back in its bottle.

Perhaps developers need to get themselves down to DEF CON this week ;)


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NVIDIA’s super-chip & more at SIGGRAPH ‘23 🦾

NVIDIA announced a boatload of impressive tech at the SIGGRAPH on Tuesday. Here's our TL;DR packed full of the key features you may have missed.

Grace Hopper superchip: GH200

The big headline from SIGGRAPH ‘23. NVIDIA has merged CPU and GPU to create a superchip named GH200.

Key features:

  • The GPU features HBM3e with up to 2TB/s of bandwidth.

  • That's 3x more bandwidth than their previous HBM2e.

  • It can deliver up to 6x the performance of Nvidia's A100.

  • Available in Q2 2024.

AI Workbench

AI Workbench streamlines the creation and enhancement of generative AI models. It offers users the ability to develop and refine models on their personal computers before expanding to larger data centers and the cloud.

Key features:

  • The workbench simplifies development, testing, and deployment of AI models.

  • A new way to collaborate on models with remote workflows.


NVIDIA also announced that a new suite would be coming for Maxine, the video editing software powered by AI. This nifty bit of tech can simulate eye movement on video calls, amongst many other feats.

New Ada Lovelace workstation GPUs

And finally, NVIDIAs showcased the established RTX 6000 GPU built upon the Ada Lovelace architecture. The company also announced three more additions to the Ada family: the RTX 5000, 4500, and 4000.

Key features:

  • New RTX 6000 workstations with up to 4 GPUs.

  • Each card has 48GB VRAM, enabling 192GB GPU memory and 5,828 TFLOPS AI performance.

  • Configurable with NVIDIA's AI Enterprise or Omniverse tools.

  • Other announced GPUs are toned-down versions of the RTX 6000

Our take: The Nvidia team was busy at the SIGGRAPHs this year. It felt as though AI Christmas came early, bearing gifts for the masses.

Really cool to see a nod to female pioneers in computer science, Ada Lovelace & Grace Hopper. It’s a fitting tribute.


Microsoft & Kyndryl’s AI collab🤝

The move merges Kyndryl's data and AI portfolio with Microsoft's tools: 365 Copilot, Azure OpenAI Service, and Fabric.

Their customers are in for a treat – they'll get the chance to explore the joint innovation centers and tinker around with the offerings from these two giants.

Kyndryl has also granted Microsoft access to Kyndryl University to educate its workforce on advanced Microsoft AI technologies.

Our take: the strategic partnerships will continue. It’s looking pretty messy already, since everyone’s clamoring for a chance to bet on any horse in the race, and combine forces to maximize their winning chances.

A silicon-powered Wild West crossed with feudal alliance politics.


These guys don’t chai away from a good pun.



Think Pieces

AI in the law firm industry — how lawyers are dealing with new competition.

The future of comedy? — improv led by AI. It’s been tested out as part of a comedian’s act in Scotland, UK.

Startup News

Startup uses AI to change the way we recycle — EverestLabs uses 3D depth-sensing cameras to identify materials.

US capital backs AI cancer diagnostics — Phase Genomics gets a funding boost for their cancer detection platform.

AI Startup Baichuan puts in the work — the 4-month-old company has already released their third LLM.


Chatbots are promoting eating disorder content — research finds that chatbots are giving dangerous advice about body image.

...or are they? — other research suggests quite the contrary — AI is, in fact, encouraging healthy lifestyles. Anyone up for a round of “he said, she said?”

Do Chatbots have political biases? — research solidifies prior suspicions.


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More of AI lessening environmental impact — hell yes.

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