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PLUS: ChatGPT for crime - FraudGPT


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • There ain’t no rest for the wicked 👺

    A new malicious AI tool, FraudGPT, has reached over 3,000 users.

  • DeepMind’s new VLA: RT-2 🤖 

    Robot Transformer 2 adds greater generalized reasoning to robots.

  • Shopify Sidekick is in early access 🏢

    The anticipated ecommerce helper is live.


A new AI menace, FraudGPT? 👺

FraudGPT has been distributed to over 3,000 users (allegedly). It’s a ChatGPT minus the safety guardrails — making it the perfect partner in cyber crime.

The dirty lowdown:

1/ FraudGPT’s an “all-in-one” tool geared towards cyber crime.

2/ It can write malicious code, create phishing pages, find cybersecurity exploits, etc.

3/ It’s available for purchase on the Dark Web for €1000 a month.

Our take: the AI criminal arms race continues. Last time we checked in, law enforcement got the upper hand. It’s unclear how security teams and law enforcement will combat the influx of cyber (and other) crime as LLMs lower the barrier to entry.

AI watermarking detection won’t cut it, that’s for sure.



A Visual-Language-Action model is a system that can see, understand and interact with its environment. It combines visual inputs (like pictures or videos), language understanding (like spoken or written commands), and action (like moving objects).

It's essentially like a robot brain that can see, understand what it's seeing, talk about it, follow instructions, and then act on those instructions in the physical world.


When’s the last time your newsletter wrote itself?

Probably never, until today.

It’s the newsletter writing machine that lets you go from topic, to outline, to full draft — in mere minutes.

With an AI trained specifically for long-form copy, it’s able to write your newsletter in the exact tone you choose. And Hoppy even incorporates images, that dovetail, right into that copy.

It does all the lifting you want, without tying your hands. Tweak the outline, edit the copy on a sentence level, change the images — your piece is completely steerable, every step of the way.

Join 20,000 creators who don’t know what to do with all their new free time.


Google DeepMind’s new AI 🧠

Google Deepmind announced Robot Transformer 2 (RT-2) last Friday. It’s a new vision-language-action (VLA) model, and it’s making robots smarter.

That you, Optimus Prime?

After training, it's able to dissect real-world tasks and understand how to work through them sequentially. After breaking the larger problem into smaller logical steps, the model generates specific robotic movement instructions to complete the task IRL.

The nuts & bolts:

1/ It expands on RT-1, which learned from data collected in a kitchen environment from 13 robots.

2/ RT-2 learns from both web and robotics data and translates it into robotic instructions.

3/ RT-2 was designed with chain-of-thought reasoning built in, which means it can accomplish complex multi-stage tasks. It can also generalize concepts like what available object would be best for hammering — e.g. a rock.

Our take: intelligent robots require lots of specialized programming and trial-and-error. RT-2 hints at a future where a simplified process could result in more autonomous robots with less training and manual programming effort.

And as robots increase their reasoning skills, we’ll see more and more robots make their way into homes and offices.

Talk about a step up from Roomba.


Shopify Sidekick is here 🏢

After much anticipation, Shopify has launched Sidekick. It’s part of Magic, Shopify’s collection of generative AI tools.

The details:

1/ Shopify claims Sidekick knows how to do everything on the platform.

2/ It can pull relevant numbers and create reports.

3/ It can write your blog posts, product descriptions, page copy, etc.

Our take: Shopify’s late to the party, though not by much. With Framer AI’s site-building platform and Wix’s AI Site Generator, it was high time Shopify released Sidekick to keep up with the AI trend. Incumbents can afford extra time for precision — let’s wait to see how well they’ve converted their advantage.



Think Pieces

Japan’s government implementing GPT-4 for admin work. Microsoft provides the goods with domestic data centers to keep it all secret.

LLaMA2 Chat 70B outperforms ChatGPT? Here’s the auto-evaluation leaderboard.

Startup News

Artifact, the personalized news app, adds a text-to-speech AI feature. Users can now use over 30 text-to-speech voices, including Snoop Dogg, Dwight Schrute, and ‘Mr. President‘ (sounds eerily close to Obama).

Stack Overflow announces OverflowAI. It’s a package of AI tools for querying and generating code.

Meta unveils Open Catalyst. It’s a method of using AI to discover chemical catalysts to convert and store renewable energy.


OpenAI’s tutorial on how to make automated ‘meeting minutes.’ How to use GPT-4 and Whisper to create a voice-to-text tool for summarizing your meetings.

How to easily bypass AI guardrails. Researchers from the Center of AI Safety and Carnegie Mellon University break down how to overcome safety guardrails.

Stanford University Researchers on AWE. AWE stands for Automatic Waypoint Extraction. The paper explains how to use waypoints to address the issues in behavioral cloning.


LongShot [Sponsored] — research and generate SEO-optimized blog posts using AI. Upload your docs, fact check, ensure zero hallucinations, and integrate anywhere.

Deepen — an AI therapist.

AI Logo Art — get AI-generated works of art using your logo.

Gus — an AI website designer.


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