OpenAI's new AI competition

PLUS: DeepMind's AI tool for genetic diseases


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • OpenAI’s new AI competition 🦾 🤖

    OpenAI and Tools Competition launched a $100,000 cash prize and more.

  • Yet another Salesforce’s AI acquisition 🔥

    It signed an agreement to acquire a customer service startup,

  • Google DeepMind’s AlphaMissence 🧬 🤓

    It’s an AI tool that helps find the cause of genetic diseases.


OpenAI’s new AI competition 🦾 🤖

OpenAI partnered with Tools Competition. They launched the “OpenAI Learning Impact Prize” with a $100,000 cash award.

Bring it, bot.

The goodies:

1/ The prize targets startups and individuals pushing for AI-driven learning advancements.

2/ Up to three winners will be selected along with several runners-up.

3/ Winners will also receive $10,000 in OpenAI API credits and expert technical guidance.

4/ The 2023-24 Tools Competition offers over $5.5 million in grants and support for edtech research and tools.

Our take: In terms of AI, $100,000 is a drop in the bucket. But, this partnership could present opportunities to drive evidence-based AI innovation further.

With all the AI safety/doomsday talk lately, this is a breath of fresh air.


AI Agents

An AI agent is a software entity that autonomously makes decisions and takes actions based on its environment and inputs. These agents use algorithyms and data to achieve specific objectives.


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Salesforce’s new AI acquisition 🔥

Salesforce signed an agreement to acquire It’s a startup that specializes in AI-powered customer service applications.

Your call is very important to us. offers omnichannel tools and AI agents for chat, SMS, and voice support.

Please hold:

1/ Salesforce intends to incorporate’s tech into its Service Cloud platform.

2/ Adam Evans, co-founder of, had a previous association with Salesforce through another acquisition, RelateIQ.

We have history.

3/ The merger combines’s conversational AI with Salesforce’s customer data.

4/ The financial specifics weren’t disclosed, but the deal is expected to close in the second half of Salesforce’s 2024 fiscal year.

Our take: Salesforce has been on a partnership bonanza. In September alone, it partnered with IBM and expanded its partnership with Databricks.


Google DeepMind’s AlphaMissence 🧬 🤓

DeepMind developed AlphaMissence. It’s an AI tool that classifies the effects of human genetic mutations.

X-men vibes.

It targets “missense variants” — changes in the DNA that lead to a different amino acid in the protein.

Juicy details:

1/ AlphaMissense classified 89% of 71 million possible missense variants, compared to 0.1% confirmed by human experts.

2/ It uses a scoring system that estimates the likelihood of a variant’s pathogenic nature.

3/ Google open-sourced its code and its dataset.

Our take: DeepMind claims it could accelerate genetic discoveries, aid in faster diagnoses, and enable new gene discovery.

Whether it’s as life-changing as it claims to be remains to be seen. Seems like every day we see another “AI cures cancer” article.



Think Pieces

AI in the US voting system. American voters want AI guardrails in place for election security.

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Is the tech industry killing AI’s wonder? The good and the bad of AI in society.

Startup News

YouTube unveils new AI video creation tools. One of the main features is “Dream Screen,“ where it generates a background based on a text prompt.

Google aims to reduce the cost of AI chip development. It wants to make its TPU by itself by 2027.

Glaive, an AI startup, releases a 7 billion token coding LLM. It also released the “Code Models Arena.”


LongLora — an approach for fine-tuning LLMs that extends the context sizes.

Google Research paper on fine-tuning LLMs. How to fine-tune smaller LLMs to outperform larger ones.

Contrastive Decoding — a method that improves the quality of long-form text generation.


Capsule — an AI-powered video editor for businesses to create complete videos from raw footage at scale.

AI Home Design — upload a picture of your space and AI transforms it into various styles.

Glimpse — Google Chrome extension that allows you to chat with any site you visit.

AskCodi — AI-powered coding chatbot.


Jim Fan, a well-known NVIDIA AI Researcher, gives his in-depth take on Tesla Optimus.

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