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PLUS: Microsoft's new nuclear AI gig


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Spotify’s new voice translation tool 👩‍🎤🎧

    It translates podcasts into other languages using the original voice.

  • Snapchat and Microsoft’s new AI partnership 🙋‍♂️ ❤️ 💁‍♀️

    Microsoft will put sponsored ads in Snapchat’s “My AI.”

  • Microsoft’s new nuclear AI job listing ☢️ 🛢️

    It posted a “Principal Program Manager Nuclear Technology” position.


Spotify’s new voice translation AI 👩‍🎤🎧

Spotify launched a voice translation tool for podcasts. It translates episodes into other languages, emulating the host’s original voice.

Deepfake, anyone?

The deets:

1/ The voice translation tool leverages OpenAI’s new multimodal tech.

2/ The AI captures unique speech characteristics like cadence, tone, and inflection for authenticity.

3/ The initial launch translates English podcasts into Spanish, with more languages coming soon.

Our take: This tech increases the opportunities for harmful Deepfakes, but also increases them for worldwide connectivity. We’re about to see lots of companies take advantage of OpenAI’s multimodal functionality.


“My AI”

A chatbot exclusively on Snapchat that answers questions, offers advices, and converses with users. It’s powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and is designed to be a sidekick to each Snapchat user.


Horse - the internet browser where things get done.

😱 Are you stuck in tab hell?

🫠 Do you struggle to stay focused?

The internet is a wild, untamed beast - and tabs can’t help.

Tab Hell.

Every task turns into a circus of unrelated articles, half-watched documentaries and internet shopping.

Sure, you can dust your tabs away into a dark, forgotten folder and pretend you’ll visit soon. But you know the truth. Folders are a fancy tab graveyard.

Tabs are the problem.

Trails are the solution.

Horse organizes your internet sessions with Trails - simple hierarchical trees that capture the natural flow of each journey.

You can fold, unfold, organize, and rename each Trail - and it couldn’t be easier to find that article about obscure ChatGPT prompts that you read three months ago.

Just ask our countless happy users:

  • “Horse is how a browser should have always worked.”

  • “Horse helps me to navigate the labyrinth that is the Apple developer documentation.”

  • “Horse has quickly become my go-to browser for focused work.”

 🐴 Rent your own Horse today - for just $99/year.

You get a 14-day money-back guarantee - so saddle up!


Microsoft and Snapchat 🙋‍♂️ ❤️ 💁‍♀️

Microsoft partnered with Snapchat. This allows sponsored links in Snapchat’s “My AI” chatbot.

The dumpster fire grows.

Dirty details:

1/ The collaboration uses Microsoft’s Chat Ads API to serve relevant ads within Snapchat’s chatbot.

2/ Your brand can now serve targeted sponsored links within the AI-driven chats.

3/ This offers brands an opportunity to engage with Snapchat’s young, mobile-first demographic.

4/ Preliminary tests show over 15% more mobile impressions from Snapchat users for Microsoft Advertising clients without increasing acquisition costs.

Our take: “My AI” didn’t receive the best initial reception in February. Then it famously glitched and horrified users by posting a creepy story of a ceiling.

How will users react to advertisements on top of this? Time will tell.


Microsoft’s nuclear AI plans ☢️ 🛢️

Its data centers consume significant electricity, and the surge in AI usage intensifies this demand.

I’m radioactive 🤖

Protons and neutrons:

1/ The job listing seeks a manager to spearhead Microsoft's nuclear energy strategy

2/ Microsoft is exploring next-generation nuclear reactors to power its data centers and AI operations.

3/ It’s interested in small modular reactors (SMRs) which are considered more efficient and cost-effective than traditional ones.

Of note: Bill Gates is a strong proponent of nuclear energy, but the uranium fuel required is primarily supplied by Russia. The US has yet to build a domestic uranium chain, and there’s no long-term radioactive waste management solution.



Think Pieces

UK government’s intro on AI safety summit. It will take place in November in Bletchley Park.

How ChatGPT and other AI tools increase productivity. How ChatGPT replaced virtually every other AI tool before it.

Should you take computer science classes, or start an AI startup? Automorphic founder explains why he chose the latter.

Startup News


Boolformer — a transformer-based architecture that performs well across many different use cases.

CodePlan — a framework from Microsoft Research, India that uses LLMs to tackle repository-level coding challenges.

Dynamic ASR Pathways — an approach to fine-tune multilingual automatic speech recognition (ASR) models.


HuggingFace Pro — utilize curated API endpoints of many different models and get improved rate limits for free inference APIs.

FireCut — an AI-powered video editor.

Stylize — turns your photos into AI-generated scenes of any style via a text prompt.

Anthropic Cookbook — contains unique and entertaining ways to utilize Claude.


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