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PLUS: Another Stability lawsuit


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Google’s ‘Viola the Bird’ AI experiment 🐣

    The AI interacts through your mouse movements to produce a more realistic sound.

  • Stability AI’s new doodle tool ✏️

    Dubbed Stable Doodle.

  • Stability AI’s co-founder sues 😱

    Oh my, yet another lawsuit against CEO Mostaque by an ex-collaborator. This time, it’s about the alleged lies that led to the sale of a 15% stake in Stability — for pennies.


Viola The Bird 🐣

It’s an animated bird that uses AI to channel user input into realistic musical performances.

And yes, it is, in fact, standing on one leg…

David Li, Viola’s creator, worked with cellists, violinists, and composers to develop AI that generates music based on a user’s mouse movements.

The fun part: the sound from the cello actually tracks with how you move the mouse. Both the speed of the bow and where it is on the cello vertically affects the sound, ranging from breathy and smooth to more scratchy.

Our take: Creating a good-sounding string synth is really hard… so does this mean it’s close to solved now? But, Viola the Bird is actually pretty fun. Google’s warning about the dangers of AI a lot lately. It’s good to see them using AI for a lighthearted purpose.



An AI model that extracts guidance features from a condition map and injects them into pre-trained models, like Stable Diffusion.

Meaning: it creates more accurate results for foundational text to image models.


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Stability AI’s new sketch-to-image ✏️

Stability AI announced Stable Doodle. It turns your sketches into fleshed-out images.

Easel up, bruh.

Stable Doodle also accepts text prompts for further customization of image outputs.

Stable Doodle is essentially Stable Diffusion XL paired with a T2I-Adapter. The pairing allows Stable Diffusion XL to input sketches and fine-tune output images.

Our take: Is this the first sketch-to-image AI tool? Nah. And Meta’s created similar before. But mixing in the T2I-Adapter gives users more control over the final product than many other tools. It’s worth checking out.


Another Stability co-founder sues 😱

Apparently, there’s a never-ending fountain of Stability AI tea.

We have another lawsuit — it’s now Cyrus Hodes that has sued Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI. Why? The co-founder alleges Emad deceived him into selling his 15% share for just $100.

He sold his shares just months before Stability received its $1 billion evaluation.


It’s a doozy.

”Mostaque’s purchase of these shares from his co-founder and minority shareholder for a mere $100.00 epitomizes corporate greed at its worst and simply shocks the conscience.”

- Avi Weitzman, Hodes’s lawyer

Greedy and seedy.

At the current moment, a cumulative 25% of Stability equity is up for contention in lawsuits. 🤯 

Our take: This Mostaque fellow seems to attract a lot of legal attention. We ain’t lawyers, but we can already tell this is far from over.



Think Pieces

Harvard University unveils its first generative AI guidelines. Harvard is supports “responsible experimentation” and elaborates on what that means.

A Google Calendar extension is going viral. “Reclaim AI“ is being heralded as a full-on personal assistant.

Startup News

Stripe announces new fraud prevention AI tool for Stripe Radar. Users will be able to create complex rules to prevent fraud with a chat interface.

OpenAI and Associated Press signed a two-year agreement. OpenAI will benefit from the Associated Press’s text archive, and the Associated Press will gain access to OpenAI’s tech and expertise.

Meta’s releasing a commercial AI model. It’s high time they went head-to-head with ChatGPT & Bard.


Google research paper on “symbol tuning.“ This new method improves in-context learning by using input-level mapping.

“Patch and Pack:” NaViT. This is a new vision transformer that tackles any aspect ratio and resolution.

The main issues with LangChain. An in-depth look at how it may have caused more problems than it solved.

Tools [Sponsored] — automatically generate professional ads with a click. G2’s 2023 pick for one of the three fastest-growing products worldwide.

TinyEinstein — an AI-powered marketing manager.

Optimove — use your customer data to create AI marketing campaigns.

Albert AI — automated cross-channel marketing tool.


The Associated Press’s official tweet announcing their agreement with OpenAI.

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