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  • AlphaFold detects 1000's of potential psychedelic molecules

AlphaFold detects 1000's of potential psychedelic molecules

PLUS: Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone


Good morning, human brains, and welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Drugs. Drugs. Drugs. 🤪 🌈

    AlphaFold identified psychedelic molecules for potential future drugs.

  • Mitsubishi and HACARUS get it on 🤖 ❤️ 🤖

    They partnered to automate quality control systems in car manufacturing.

  • Teachers gave up. AI teaches your kids now 👨‍🏫 💻

    OpenAI and Arizona State University partnered up.

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AlphaFold be trippin’ 🤪 🌈

Back in September, we reported on Google DeepMind’s AlphaMissence. It’s an AI tool that helps find the cause of genetic diseases.

In November, we covered Google DeepMind’s AlphaFold. It’s an AI program that predicts the 3D structure of proteins, which directly leads to new drugs.

In December, we reported on MIT’s AI research. They created an AI model that discovered antibiotics that kill MRSA cells.

Then yesterday, we covered Microsoft Research’s progress in drug development. They used AI to design compounds that target proteins found in tuberculosis and coronavirus.

Hugs and drugs. 🤤

On Wednesday, Google DeepMind’s AlphaFold achieved another breakthrough. It identified new psychedelic molecules to potentially use in new antidepressants.

Pain is weakness leaving the body… Who cares about drugs?

AlphaFold can predict new potential drugs with a similar success rate as more traditional, time-consuming methods.

What did it actually do?

It identified thousands of potential psychedelic molecules that strongly activate the serotonin receptor, like LSD, which could lead to non-hallucinogenic antidepressants.

So it will replace scientists?

Not yet. Researchers claim that AlphaFold won’t replace traditional drug discovery methods. It will enhance current methods and help researchers discover new drugs more efficiently.

Where can I read the paper?

Google DeepMind didn’t make this announcement. A computational chemist at the University of Uppsala, Jens Carlsson, led the research in an unpublished work.

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Mitsubishi + HACARUS = AI lovin’ 🤖 ❤️ 🤖

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on Volkswagen’s plan to integrate ChatGPT into its vehicles. This allows you to control the AC, ask vehicle-specific questions, and more.

Yesterday, we covered BMW’s partnership with Figure. They will deploy humanoid robots in BMW’s manufacturing plant in South Carolina.

Let’s get ready to rumble. 🏎️

Yesterday, Mitsubishi Electric expanded its collaboration HACARUS. Mitsubishi took an equity position in the Tokyo-based AI startup.

What’s the point?

HACARUS claims it’s to develop factory automation systems, particularly in automating quality control processes.

What is HACARUS, anyway?

It’s specialized in computer vision solutions for manufacturing since 2014. Its AI service, HACARUS Check, reduces the time needed for visual inspections by detecting defects with AI that are invisible to the human eye.

What’s the partnership, exactly?

HACARUS gains access to Mitsubishi’s sales channels, and Mitsubishi gets insights into advanced AI techniques.


Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone 👨‍🏫💻

Two weeks ago, we covered OpenAI’s blog on journalism. They published it in response to a lawsuit from The New York Times.

Last week, we reported on OpenAI’s launch of the GPT Store. We also included a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Did Sam Altman get canned again? 🙄

Yes. Just kidding. Arizona State University announced its partnership with OpenAI. It boasts that it’s the first higher education to do this.

Didn’t Harvard do that back in June?

It wasn’t a partnership. Harvard integrated a chatbot into its computer science course that was largely powered by ChatGPT. Harvard’s chatbot leads students to answers instead of giving it to them directly.

What’s the partnership?

It focuses on integrating ChatGPT into ASU’s teaching, research, student experiences, and more. The partnership developed over six months.

What does OpenAI get out of the deal?

Besides money? OpenAI gets academic insights and can adopt a similar strategy to other universities in the future.



Modelize.AI — use multiple AI agents that collaborate to finish complex projects.

Brainstory — clarifies your ideas and conveys them with context to your team.

Photify AI — app that turns your images into magical AI portraits.

Yuna — AI-powered mental health app that tracks your progress over time.

Think Pieces

All about Forta, the AI platform for autism therapy. It’s an AI-powered training course that families can do at home. It received $55 million in funding.

AI is imperfect, we should treat it accordingly. The cons of tech that monitors employees and how AI negatively intensifies them.

More news about the rabbit r1. It will use Perplexity AI’s model, and the first 100,000 buyers will get a free year of Perplexity Pro.

Startup News

Marc Zuckerberg announced his plans to create an open-source AGI. He plans to merge a couple of Meta teams, add to its stockpile of GPUs, and more.

TikTok tests an AI song-generation tool. It creates songs from text prompts and leverages an LLM called Bloom.

Google DeepMind researchers reportedly plan to launch an AI startup. They reportedly will launch in Paris with $220 million in funding.


LEGO — (Language Enhanced Multi-modal Grounding Model) It’s a multi-modal AI model that excels at finding specific regions within videos and images.

UniVG — a video generation framework from Baidu that inputs text, images, and more. It achieved state-of-the-art results in several video benchmarks.

DeepSpeed-FastGen — Microsoft’s openly available AI system that optimizes LLMs by reducing latency and enhancing throughput.



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