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  • Volkswagen announced ChatGPT integration in its new vehicles

Volkswagen announced ChatGPT integration in its new vehicles

PLUS: See Mom? My girlfriend isn't fake


Good morning, human brains and welcome to the year 2024.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • My other car is a chatbot 🚙 🚀

    Volkswagen announced its plans to integrate ChatGPT into its vehicles.

  • Go from fugly to fabulous 💁‍♀️ 👠

    Amazon’s new AI tools help you find well-fitting clothes online.

  • AI whispers sweet nothings in your ear 🫦 👂

    McAfee announced a new tool to detect audio DeepFakes.


Chat-G-Beep-Beep-T 🚙 🚀

Back in June, we reported on Mercedes beta-testing ChatGPT into its vehicles. The features included voice commands, contextual conversation, integration with third-party apps, and more.

Then in July, we reported on Volkswagen testing self-driving cars. They partnered with Mobileye to test 10 electric vehicles in Austin, TX.

In August, we covered Toyota’s plans to produce robotaxis. They partnered with Pony to produce them in China.

Then in November, we covered OpenAI’s partnership with Ghost. OpenAI invested $5 million in the self-driving software startup to compete with Tesla.

More zoom, zoom?

Yeah, baby. 👶

Yesterday, Volkswagen announced its plans to integrate ChatGPT into its vehicles. The goal is to make conversations more engaging, information clearer, and vehicle controls more intuitive.

So, it jumped on the bandwagon?

Pretty much, but they approached it a little differently.

Volkswagen partnered with Cerence Inc to bring Cerence Chat Pro into its vehicles.

What’s that?

It allows various customization options into your car’s assistant platform.

This allegedly enhances the ChatGPT’s ability to navigate, converse with you, entertain you, and give you more informative responses about the vehicle’s features.

It also claims to delete questions and answers to protect your personal data.

So, it just gives better directions?

Volkswagen gives various examples, such as the ability to control the AC, adjust the infotainment system, answer basic vehicle maintenance questions, and more.

How do I rig it up in my Golf?

Volkswagen claims you won’t need any additional accounts or apps. You can activate ChatGPT features in your Volkswagen by using voice commands or a button.

Great, I’ll set it up today.

You can’t. 🤷‍♀️

They plan on launching it later on this year.

Oh… I see.

It also said that it’s only launching the feature in Europe, not in the United States. Volkswagen said it was “being considered.”

And it’s only available on the new Tiguan, Passat, Golf, and its new EV models.

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Do you look fat in those jeans? 💁‍♀️ 👠

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on Humane’s AI Pin. The wearable AI device from Humane starts shipping out in March.

Speaking of AI-related fashion…

Yesterday, Amazon unveiled 4 new AI tools. The goal is to help customers find well-fitting clothes online.

What’s the point?

A study by Coresign Research shows that clothes returned online had a return rate of 24.4% higher than the overall return rate.

This is partially due to customers buying multiple sizes or colors for home try-ons.

What are the new tools?

Amazon introduced personalized size recommendations, a “Fit Insights” tool for sellers, AI-powered review highlights, and improved size charts.

Size recommendations, you say?


Amazon’s AI offers personalized size suggestions based on brand sizes, product reviews, and customer preferences.

These suggestions update in real-time as more data is collected.

What’s the “Fit” thing?

Fit Insights is a tool for Amazon sellers. It provides AI-generated insights about customer fit preferences.

It lets sellers know if clothes run small, large, or are true to size.

Cool. What about the size charts?

Amazon’s AI analyzes and standardizes existing clothing size charts.

This allegedly removes incorrect data and ensures more accuracy when purchasing clothes on Amazon.

Isn’t there one more…?

The Fit Review Highlights feature.

Amazon’s AI gathers size accuracy, fabric stretch, and other data from customer reviews and Then, it provides you with an easy-to-read summary.


See Mom? My girlfriend isn’t fake 🫦 👂

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on Vladimir Putin being interviewed by a DeepFake version of himself. This happened during a televised Q&A.

More Putin stuff?

Nope. More DeepFake stuff.

McAfee unveiled “Project Mockingbird” at CES 2024 yesterday. It’s an AI tool that detects DeepFake audio.

Source: McAfee

Don’t AI detection tools suck?

Allegedly, Project Mockingbird’s AI analyzes and identifies manipulated audio with over 90% accuracy.

How does it work?

McAfee says it employs contextual, behavioral, and categorical detection models for a multilayered approach.

Steve Grobman, McAfee’s CTO, compares it to a weather forecast, but for malicious fakes:

“So, much like a 70% chance of rain helps you plan your day, our technology equips you with insights to make educated decisions about whether content is what it appears to be.”

Steve Grobman, McAfee’s CTO

What does a weather forecast have to do with DeepFakes?

Absolutely nothing, but the demo looked promising.




Open Interpreter 0.2.0 — runs code, uses I/O controls, and more on your computer.

Stripe your GPTs — no-code solution to monetize your GPTs with Stripe.

Invstr — Chatbot for financial reports, data-driven analytics, and more.

VisualVibe AI — versatile AI video creation tool.

Think Pieces

Does AI actually create knowledge? How LLMs create, reason, and where they fall short.

Is open-source AI vital to humanity? a16z sent evidence of this to the House of Lords Communication and Digital Select Committee.

It’s called AI, get over it. “Artificial intelligence” has appeared in academia since 1956, but many people still object to the terms’ usage.

Startup News

NVIDIA unveiled Parakeet. It’s an open-source speech recognition model that outperforms OpenAI’s Whisper v3.

Microsoft introduced Phi-2. It’s an open-source mini language model that outperforms Nano.

Dee Templeton, a Microsoft executive, joined OpenAI’s board. He’s been appointed as a non-voting observer.


Fairy — Meta’s new video-to-video generation model with AI editing capabilities.

TinyLlama — an open-source 1.1 billion parameter model by Singapore University of Technology and Design.

2023 AI Expert Survey — over 2500 AI researchers contributed to a paper on AI’s potential risks and opportunities.


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