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  • Everything you need to know about the Humane AI pin

Everything you need to know about the Humane AI pin

PLUS: Are OpenAI self-driving cars coming?


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Humane’s AI pin. What’s higher? The hype or the price? 🤖 💁‍♀️

    It costs $699 for the AI pin and then $24 per month for service.

  • Did AI kill the Metaverse, or help create it? 🧐 ☠️

    Snapchat partnered with OpenAI to incorporate AI into AR experiences.

  • Does OpenAI plan to compete with Tesla? 🚕 💻

    It invested $5 million in Ghost, a self-driving software startup.


Humane’s insanely hyped AI pin 🤖 💁‍♀️

In August, we reported on Humane’s tease of its wearable AI Pin. It said that it will replace your smartphone. It also said more details will be released on the next solar eclipse.

Then in October, we covered the AI Pin’s debut at Paris Fashion Week. Naomi Campbell wore it at Coperni’s 2024 Spring/Summer fashion show.

So, what’s the deal with the AI pin?

Last Thursday, Humane finally launched the AI Pin. They say it aims to integrate technology into daily life without a screen.

How does it work?

It attaches to your clothes, and you can interact with it via your voice, hand gestures, and a Laser Ink Display that projects onto your palm.

What can I use it for?

You can use it to search the internet, translate speech, text/call people, and more.

What color is it?

It comes in three finishes. Equinox, Eclipse, and Lunar.

Does it link to my smartphone?

Nope. It connects to a private wireless network and uses an operating system called Cosmos.

How long does the battery last?

Humane didn’t say how long they last, but it has removable battery boosters that allow you to “hot swap” between multiple batteries.

It didn’t say if these come with the AI pin or if you have to buy them separately.

How much does it cost?

The AI Pin costs $699 and then requires a $24 monthly service fee.

Chump change, can I buy it now?

You can pre-order it now, and it starts shipping on November 16 in the US.

Time to throw my AI device with a screen in the garbage.

For reference, a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max is around $1199.

Clothing sizes, begone! Get the perfect fit (or the perfect gift) every time using AI.

Balodana makes custom-made women's clothes for work or play.

Buy clothes that are guaranteed to fit when you use our AI sizing app to scan your body for measurements.

Manufactured sustainably, on-demand.

Never get the wrong size again.

“My wife hated shopping for clothes because nothing ever fit her. I got her to try Balodana and now I’m her hero.” — Happy Customer

“A shirt and jacket like this off the rack would never fit me because I’m 5’11” and have long arms. The quality - fit, fabric, and overall appearance - at this price point is far beyond any department store or Amazon.” — Happy Customer

Not shopping for yourself?

Buy her a gift card to access our global artisan network of sustainable clothing makers. Prices start from just $60.


Augmented Reality (AR)

A technology that overlays digital information, like images and animations, onto the real world as seen through a device like a smartphone or AR glasses.

It enhances what we see by adding virtual elements to our physical surroundings, creating an interactive experience.


So, the Metaverse isn’t dead? 🧐 ☠️

In August, we reported on Snapchat’s My AI’s unsettling post. Its chatbot glitched out by posting a strange public story and then stopped working.

Later that month, we covered Snapchat’s launch of Dreams — its AI selfie feature that turns your pics into fantastical scenes.

Then in September, we reported on Microsoft and Snapchat’s partnership. Microsoft started incorporating sponsored links into My AI.

Finally, in October, we covered the UK’s investigation of Snapchat. The Information Commissioner’s Office said that My AI posed risks to children.

More Snapchat drama?

Thankfully, no.

At its Lens Fest conference, Snapchat unveiled Lens Studio 5.0 Beta. It allows you to make interactive, conversational AR experiences.

What happened?

Snapchat shared some news at its annual developer conference, Lens Fest.

So far, 330,000 developers built almost 3.5 million Lenses on Snapchat’s AR platform.

Lenses are AR experiences within Snapchat.

What is Lens Studio 5.0 Beta?

It’s Snapchat’s brand-new AR platform with a suite of new AI features.

What’s so great about it?

Snapchat partnered with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT’s chat features into Lenses. Now, you can create Lenses that can communicate with you, teach you new things, and more.

It also allows you to generate custom 3D objects, textures, and effects with AI.

Plus, it also loads complex AR projects up to 18 times faster than previous versions.

I want to create cool AR experiences.


OpenAI vs Tesla? 🚕 💻

Eh, sort of.

On Wednesday, OpenAI invested $5 million in Ghost Autonomy. It’s a startup in San Francisco that creates autonomous driving software for automakers.

Why did OpenAI invest in Ghost?

Ghost claims it is to improve self-driving cars with multi-modal LLMs, which it says could outperform current AI in understanding and executing complex driving scenarios.

How much is Ghost worth now?

After OpenAI’s $5 million investment, its valuation is now at $220 million.

How could LLMs outperform current methods?

Ghost claims that traditional systems are limited to recognizing specific trained objects and interpreting signs.

Multi-modal LLMs can understand the entire scene contextually using video, images, audio, and human-like world knowledge.

How does it work?

In Ghost’s envisioned system, heavy computational tasks would be managed by cloud-based LLMs, while embedded systems in the car would take care of immediate driving functions.

Can I try out Ghost’s software in my car?

Not yet, it is still a work in progress.




Image AI Search — use images to search for e-commerce products.

GPT-4 Vision Chatbot Builder — allows chatbots to interpret and respond to text and images without any coding.

Voc.AI — a chatbot that solves 80% of customer questions and learns from website data and past interactions.

Intelis — AI-powered competition analytics tool for Shopify users.

Think Pieces

The competitive nature of AI has a dark side. A TED Talk on how the dark force of game theory is negatively impacting the AI industry (Video).

Thinking of training an LLM? Here’s how much it will cost.

Will you actually be able to make money in the GPT Store? Is it a PR move, or a viable source of income for hungry entrepreneurs? (Video).

Startup News

OpenAI offers Google’s top AI employees millions of dollars. In particular, it is targeting those working on Google Gemini.

Shutterstock introduced TRUST. It’s an AI image generator that claims to have an “ethical” focus.

Samsung announced Galaxy AI. It’s an upcoming feature for its Galaxy smartphones that will enable real-time translation in phone calls and text.


LOGIPT — an LLM that performs better than GPT-4 when answering complex logical questions

JARVIS-1 — an open-world multitask AI agent for Minecraft. It excels in over 200 Minecraft tasks/

Instant3D — a method to quickly generate HQ 3D assets directly from text prompts.


How well does ChatGPT drive, exactly?

For an LLM, it does pretty well. Don’t trust your life with it just yet.

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Until next time 🤖😋🧠

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