Adobe's new AI tool makes "lasso" obsolete

PLUS: Will Snapchat's "My AI" get shut down?


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  • Guardian of the Cyber Galaxy or greedy Green Goblin? 🧙‍♂️ 🪬

    IBM announced new Threat Detection and Response Services (TDR).

  • Adobe teases its upcoming photo editing tool 💫 ❤️‍🔥

    Project Stardust lets you manipulate objects with text prompts.

  • Does Snapchat’s AI put children at risk? 👻 💔

    The UK’s investigation could shut Snapchat’s chatbot down.


Defense against AI’s dark arts? 🧙‍♂️ 🪬

Back in July, we covered FraudGPT — it’s like ChatGPT for cybercriminals without safety guardrails.

Last week, IBM announced new Threat Detection and Response Services to address the rise of potential threats.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” - Uncle B.

IBM wants more money, so what..?

Well… IBM’s new services could improve automation and efficiency for your business’s security operations.

IBM’s AI is engineered to automatically resolve up to 85% of minor security alerts and delegate high-risk threats that demand immediate attention.

Our take: While the Department of Defense’s AI task force and The White House’s AI pact attempt to combat threats, more measures are required. We’ll inevitably see more companies’ “solutions” to this rapidly evolving issue.


Adobe’s “Lasso“ Tool

It allows users to make freehand selections around objects in an image, with the tool's parameters being adjustable to better suit the selection task at hand​.

Adobe’s Photoshop was first released in 1988. The “Lasso“ tool initially required manual tracing to select objects. Over time, advancements in AI have enriched selection tools, leading to more sophisticated and automated selection processes.

Newer tools from Adobe’s Firefly-powered Photoshop released this year allows for AI-based automasking, harmonization, synthesis, and more.


Apply to hundreds of jobs with zero effort 🤝

In the age of AI, no one should spend hours clicking "upload resume" over and over again.

You should be spending your time prioritizing companies that have already shown interest in you, not waving your hand just trying to be seen.

ApplyAll maximizes your chance of getting an interview by using AI to apply to hundreds of relevant jobs tailored just for you.

Accelerate your job search, save yourself hundreds of hours, and get your dream job.


Project Stardust - Adobe’s tease 💫 ❤️‍🔥

A cosmic leap or a black hole?

In September, we covered Adobe’s GenStudio — it’s an enterprise content creation platform. It allows you to train Firefly’s AI to generate tailored content for your business.

Last week, Adobe teased Project Stardust — its upcoming AI-powered photo editing tool. It identifies and manipulates individual objects in images based on your text prompts.

I care about this… right?

This tool could streamline your graphic design needs. It allows you to easily move, delete, or alter images as though they were on separate layers. Then, it automatically fills the gaps left behind to match the surrounding areas.

What’s so special about this tool..?

Adobe claims it’s an “object-aware editing engine” that reduces the need for manual separation in images.

Goodbye, Photoshop’s “lasso” tool.

Our take: Tools like Google’s Magic Editor and Apple’s Magic Eraser already exist, but Adobe claims this is groundbreaking. It’s not out yet, so whether it’s a PR move or a genuine AI innovation remains to be seen.

When can I test it out..?

More information will be released this week at its Adobe MAX conference.


Even more Snapchat AI drama? 👻 💔

Well, then Microsoft and Snapchat had a steamy affair. Microsoft started lubing up Snapchat’s “My AI” with sponsored ads.

The Juice:

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) highlights potential privacy risks posed by the chatbot, especially to children.

Snapchat defends its “robust legal and privacy review” conducted prior to “My AI’s” release.

What’s new: Snapchat’s My AI has been controversial since its release. One of the biggest concerns is the chatbot’s access to children’s location data and private data.



Think Pieces

AI’s role in future Cloud Platforms. A video with Microsoft’s CTO and Replit’s CEO talk about how AI will shape AI Cloud businesses.

How to build an AI bot without any developer knowledge. A use case of how a man created an AI bot for Slack without writing a line of code.

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Startup News

OpenAI could develop its own AI chips to address the shortage. It’s considering acquiring an AI chip manufacturer or designing chips internally.

Meta paid millions to celebrities to create AI chatbots. Here’s who got paid and how much they got paid.

Walmart is developing AI tools that help you plan parties and decorate. Its new AI shopping assistant is launching in a few weeks.


How to build an AI bot with no developer knowledge. A use case of how a man who never wrote a line of code created an AI bot for Slack.

Hotshot XL — an AI-powered text-to-GIF model that works with Stable Diffusion XL.


ECOASSISTANT — a framework to make coding LLMs more affordable and accurate.


Vedeo AI — A curated collection of AI-generate videos.

We Are Learning — A video creator that makes engaging tutorials with animated characters.

GPT Pilot — An AI-powered platform to quickly create apps using LLMs.

ChatWebby — A platform that quickly creates chatbots directly from your data.


💡 NoCode Exits — Build your business from 0 to $ with No-Code. Learn from real stories of profitable or acquired products made without writing code.

Their latest issue was excellent, and you can read it here:


Next time you design a game, consider using DALL-E 3 to design your elements quickly. OpenAI’s president retweeted an A-Z guide on how to quickly do this.

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