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  • Google unveiled its video creation app, Google Vids

Google unveiled its video creation app, Google Vids

PLUS: eBay helps drain your wallet


Good morning, human brains, and welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Embarrass your coworker’s PowerPoint presentation 🤓 🎥

    Google Vids lets you generate videos, presentations, and more.

  • Create high-quality live images from text 🎆 👀

    Google’s Imagen 2 gets a bunch of sweet upgrades.

  • eBay’s new money-draining tool 💁‍♀️ 💳

    eBay’s Shop the Look gives you tailored fashion recommendations.


Move over, PowerPoint 🤓 🎥

On Tuesday, Google unveiled Google Vids. It’s an AI video creation app for Google Workspace Labs.

What does it do?

It’s a video production toolkit that allows you to craft videos and presentations from stock videos, photos, and background music.

Is that it?

Nah. Google also announced AI Meetings and Messaging and AI Security. They are optional add-ons for $10 a month.

What do they do?

AI Meetings and Messaging can take meeting notes, translate 69 different languages, and more. AI Security allows you to classify and secure sensitive files with models trained with your business data.

So, what?

No matter the size of your business, this could help enhance your productivity, collaborations, and overall security, especially if you already use Google Workspace.

What other video generation models are out there?

In March, we reported on Alibaba’s EMO. It creates complete, vivid talking head videos from a single photo.

A week later, we covered OpenAI’s Sora. Mura Murati shared details about the upcoming video model in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

A week after that, we covered Stable Video 3D. It Stability AI’s model that creates 3D videos from an image or text prompt.

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Generate live images from text 📲 🤓

Last week, Google unveiled upgrades to Imagen 2 on Vertex AI. It can provide descriptions of photos, generate live images, and more.

What’s up, cracker jack?

The update equips Imagen 2 with improved language comprehension, new editing modes, a Text-to-Live Image feature, and more.

Text-to-Live Image, you say?

Indubitably. It allows you to create animated images, product visualizations, ads, GIFs, and storyboards from simple text prompts.

Sweet. What are the new editing modes?

You can use them to remove or add elements in generated images, expand the photo’s frame, and more.

Nice. What’s up with the captions?

Imagen 2 provides visual captioning and Visual Question Answering (VQA). This delivers text descriptions of images and allows you to ask questions about images and get accurate, detailed answers.

More. I need more…

Ok then. In March, we reported on Google DeepMind’s SIMA. It’s a versatile AI agent trained on nine complex video games.

The next week, we covered Google and Liverpool FC’s TacticAI. It’s an AI system for soccer insights.

A week ago, we reported on Google DeepMind’s LONGFACT and SAFE. It’s a benchmark dataset and an efficient long-form content fact-checking method.


Girl, slay 💁‍♀️ 💳

On Tuesday, eBay launched Shop the Look. It’s a feature that gives you tailored outfit recommendations and helps you find matching products.

What does it do, anyway?

It creeps on your shopping history and curates outfits based on your specific fashion preferences.

What if my style has changed?

eBay claims it’s designed to evolve over time to meet your specific preferences. It uses your viewing history and past purchases to adjust which products it recommends to you.

That’s so fetch. How can I use it?

iOS users can use it here in the US and the UK. If you’ve viewed at least 10 fashion products in the last 180 days, the feature will show up on the eBay homepage and fashion landing page.

I can’t use it on my Android?

Nope. eBay says it plans to expand to Android and incorporate more personalization features “later this year.”

Didn’t eBay have some “magic” thing?

You bet. In September, we covered eBay’s “magical” tool for sellers. It generates an entire product listing from a photo.


Think Pieces

How persuasive are LLMs? Anthropic’s latest paper on how, as LLMs progress, they become closer to being as persuasive as humans.

How will AI affect product management. Will AI replace programmers, or make them even more important?

The results of Betaworks’ AI Camp. It announced AI startups from the US, Europe, and Canada.

Startup News

Poe announced a new revenue model. AI chatbot creators can set a price per message to generate income every time their chatbots are used.

Intel introduced its new AI chip. The Gaudi 3 chip is twice as power-efficient and faster than the H100 GPU chip from NVIDIA.

Meta announces its upcoming Meta Llama 3. It’s open-source and will be available in a few months.


AI Partner, AI Mentor — an AI framework that combines experiential learning with custom feedback for training social skills.

OmniFusion — a method that combines language understanding with image processing to enhance AI's ability to answer questions and solve problems.

CodecLM — a framework to create high-quality, tailored synthetic data that helps align large language models more closely with specific task instructions.



Microsoft is pouring $2.9 billion into Japan’s AI infrastructure.

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