Really, another wearable AI device?

PLUS: AI achieves "instant evolution" in seconds


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Stability’s new compact AI model 📲 🤖

    It released Stable LM 3B, an LLM with 3 billion parameters.

  • Another wearable AI device? 👔 🤓

    Rewind.AI unveiled its Rewind Pendant. It listens to your interactions.

  • AI designs a walking robot in seconds 🤯 🧠

    Northwestern University’s AI system quickly designs a robot.


Stability’s new compact AI model 📲 🤖

In September, we reported on Stability’s new AI music generator, Stable Audio. It generates musical audio and sound effects from text prompts.

Two days ago, it released an experimental LLM, Stable LM 3B. Unlike larger LLMs with up to 70 billion parameters, this one only has 3 billion.

It’s smaller, so what..? It requires fewer resources, so it can operate on less powerful devices like smartphones or home PCs.

Teeny weenies:

Stable LM 3B is customizable and can be fine-tuned for specific tasks like customer service chatbots, programming assistants, and more.

It’s available for use on the open-source community, Hugging Face.

Our take: We just covered Meta’s release of Llama 2 Long, an LLM designed to generate responses to longer user prompts. Is this Stability’s “bigger isn’t always better” response?

Do you need it? Eh, Google released Gecko, its compact version of its LLM PaLM 2, back in May. Compact LLMs aren’t exactly a new idea, but Stable LM 3B outperforms some of the best open-source language models at the 7B parameter scale.


AI devices

Ai-infused gadgets have evolved from simple machines like the 1950’s maze-navigating mouse, Theseus, to modern marels like the Rewind Pendant and Humane AI pin.

Over the decades, they’ve transitioned from basic speech recognition to helping us translate languages, generate content, and interact with the world intelligently.


Horse - the internet browser where things get done.

😱 Are you stuck in tab hell?

🫠 Do you struggle to stay focused?

The internet is a wild, untamed beast - and tabs can’t help.

You deserve better than this mess.

Every task turns into a circus of unrelated articles, half-watched documentaries and internet shopping.

Sure, you can dust your tabs away into a dark, forgotten folder and pretend you’ll visit soon. But you know the truth. Folders are a fancy tab graveyard.

Tabs are the problem. Trails are the solution.

Horse organizes your internet sessions with Trails - simple hierarchical trees that capture the natural flow of each journey.

You can fold, unfold, organize, and rename each Trail - and it couldn’t be easier to find that article about obscure ChatGPT prompts that you read three months ago.

Just ask our countless happy users:

  • “Horse is how a browser should have always worked.”

  • “Horse helps me to navigate the labyrinth that is the Apple developer documentation.”

  • “Horse has quickly become my go-to browser for focused work.”

 🐴 Rent your own Horse today - for just $99/year.

You get a 14-day money-back guarantee - so saddle up!


Another wearable AI device? 👔 🤓

Two days ago, we covered Humane’s AI pin. It’s an AI-powered, hands-free device that you wear on your clothes.

That same day, the Rewind Pendant was unveiled. It’s a wearable AI necklace that captures and transcribes your conversations and stores them on your phone.

Non-AI is so 2022.

Should I be creeped out? The transcriptions are encrypted and stored exclusively on your phone. The data is private and not shared anywhere else.

You’re wearing it? No. Someone else is? Yes.

When to flex: 

  • Bookmark memorable moments.

  • Auto-generate to-do lists from interactions.

  • Capture ideas on the go.

  • Analyze voice patterns for mood or identify overused filler words.

  • Record memorable quotes and more.

Sorry, officer, it’s broken.

Our take: AI devices aren’t going anywhere. Meta unveiled its smart RayBan glasses a week ago, Humane’s AI chip made the news earlier this week, and now this.

While it could be useful for individuals and businesses, it also has creepy implications. Could schools force children to wear these? Will law enforcement make criminals wear these?

Not anytime soon… hopefully.


AI designs a robot in seconds 🤯 🧠

Remember how it took nature billions of years to evolve into a walking species?

Well, it took AI a couple of seconds.

A team from Northwestern University developed an AI system that can design robots from scratch in seconds.

The robot was tasked to design a robot that could walk across a flat surface. It did it in seconds, hence the term: “instant evolution.”

Unlike many systems that require supercomputers and large datasets, this AI runs on a PC.

Are you seeing the “smaller is better” theme yet?

Our take: That blob thing isn’t very useful in real life, but could this AI create robots that help with rescue missions, infrastructure maintenance, or medical applications? The technology is there, and it’s more accessible to the average person than ever.



Think Pieces

The pros and cons of developing AI products. A use case of creating, deploying, and managing an LLM.

Will future generations have a 3.5-day workweek? According to J.P. Morgan’s CEO, AI will enable this.

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Startup News

Microsoft’s CEO testified against Google and Apple. He claims that their partnership unfairly limited Bing’s potential.

Google Bard’s upcoming “Memory” feature. It will adjust to the details you give it, like ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions.

Google leaked a video of its Pixel 8 AI upgrades. These include a face-swapping feature, easier data-sharing capabilities, and more.


DreamGaussian — a method to generate high-quality textured 3D models in 2 minutes from a single-view image.

Mistral 7B OpenOrca — Hugging Face’s leaderboard evaluates this as the #2 LLM under 30B.

CCEdit — a video editing framework that offers creative and controllable video editing.


Animate Anything — AI tool that takes static 3D models and animates using multiple model libraries.

Ollama — locally run LLMs like Llama 2, Code Llama, and more.

Localpilot — use GitHub Copilot on your MacBook locally.

Photo AI Yearbook — generate vintage-styled yearbook pictures from photos.


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President of OpenAI, Greg Brockman, retweets a guide on how to turn illustrations into professional images with GPT-4 Vision and DALL-E 3.

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