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YouTube's content summarization and conversational AI tools

PLUS: Can you create your own Xbox games now?


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Watch videos and use AI to distract you from the videos 👩‍💻 🤖

    YouTube is testing a comment summarizer and conversational AI tool.

  • Make Google (and you) more money this holiday season 📈 💸

    Google announced AI tools for you to quickly create and scale ads.

  • Create immersive Xbox games. Eventually. 💻 🔥

    Microsoft and Inworld AI partnered to make a game-creation toolset.


Don’t watch videos, AI chat instead 👩‍💻 🤖

In August, we reported on YouTube’s AI video summaries. It generates written summaries for English videos.

A couple of weeks later, it launched its Music AI Incubator. It partnered with Universal Music Group and artists, songwriters, and producers to guide its AI music strategy.

Hmm… Did it do something else?

Ding ding. YouTube is testing out new AI tools in its videos — a comment summarization tool and a conversational AI tool.

A comment summarizer?

You got it. It summarizes long comment sections into key topics to show you what people are talking about the most.

Right now, YouTube is only testing this comment summary on a few English videos with lots of comments.

What if I’m insecure and everyone roasts me?

You can choose to remove any topics that the AI comes up with.

The comment summary tool also skips over any comments that are held for review, blocked, or deemed inappropriate by YouTube.

Cool, what about the conversation AI tool?

Yes, this lets you ask questions about the video you’re watching to gather information without stopping the video.

Why would I ask questions while watching a video?

You can ask it questions about the specific video you’re watching, or ask for suggestions for other videos to watch.

It also gives you quizzes and provides more information to help you learn more about any given topic.

I don’t see this on my YouTube videos.

These AI tools are only being tested with a small group of people, but some YouTube Premium users can try them out too.

YouTube is gathering feedback to improve these AI tools before more people can use them.


Get a website designed by AI that doesn’t look like it was designed by AI. In 30 seconds or less.

Durable is the AI website builder and platform that makes running a business easier than having a job.

Build a fully functioning, beautiful website in 30 seconds.

Then, start attracting and booking more clients with integrated CRM, SEO, invoicing, and marketing tools.

Try it for free, no credit card is required.


AI Copilot

An AI system designed to assist a user in performing tasks, similar to how a copilot assists a pilot in flying an airplane.

It’s a conversational interface that uses AI to support users in verious tasks and decision-making processes. It leverages AI to understand, analyze, and process vast amounts of data.


Make Google (and you) more money 📈 💸

Last week, we covered Google’s latest update to Bard. It replies in real-time, and you can “skip response” if you don’t like its output.

Yesterday, Google announced AI tools for Performance Max. They’re designed to help marketers create ads that include customized text and images.

What’s Performance Max?

It’s a type of Google Ads campaign that automates ad creation using information and assets that you give it.

Let me guess, it now has Bard?

Actually, no.

It added the capability to generate headlines and product descriptions based on your text prompts.

Its new AI analyzes current trends and audience behaviors to place ads where they will likely get the most engagement.

That’s it?

Hold your horses.

It also added an AI-powered image editor that lets you modify visuals for factors like seasons, so you can create ads and scale them quickly.

So I can use them now?

Not yet. Google aims to make these AI enhancements available across the U.S. by then end of the year.

Early users like 1-800-FLOWERS.COM said the AI asset generation saves time and enhances personalization in ads.


Xbox and Inworld AI get freaky 💻 🔥

In August, we reported on Inworld AI’s $500 million valuation. At barely two years old, it made Nasdaq’s billboard slot for the “best-funded AI and games startup.”

On Monday, Microsoft’s Xbox and Inworld AI partnered up. They claim it’s to develop AI-powered tools for Xbox game development.

What’s the point?

The collaboration aims to provide game creators with AI assistance for creating dialogues, narratives, and characters.

So, I can create video games?

That’s the idea. They plan to integrate a new AI toolset into Xbox’s game creation engine for you to use.

An AI toolset, you say?

Yes, it will include an AI copilot that helps you transform ideas into game elements like dialogue trees, quests, and more.

It will include an AI character engine that enables you to create dynamic stories and character actions that respond to each player’s choices.

You’ll be able to make non-playable characters (NPCs) more interactive and responsive.

The immersion.

I need this in my life. When can I use it?

Neither company gave specifics.

Microsoft just mentioned its goal is to make these tools available to game developers globally, on all platforms.




Balodana — Clothing sizes, begone! Get the perfect fit (or the perfect gift) every time using this AI-powered clothing store. [Sponsored]

Open GPTs — open-source customizable chatbots on Langchain.

Heart Hands — chat with an AI advisor to gain clarity in your life.

Detangle — summarize and simplify legal documents with AI.

Think Pieces

A comprehensive list of DALL-E 3’s new updates. New features, updates, and use cases.

A new “brainlike” AI model? Scientists developed a new model that learns in real-time, similar to how humans learn.

How much do RAG systems hallucinate? How they mitigate hallucinations by staying current and more.

Startup News

Zapier released a new AI Actions feature. It allows AI platforms to use its integrations to execute workflows and automation.

OpenAI’s Whisper large v-3 is available to use. It uses the same architecture with a few differences, including a language token for Cantonese.

Meta bans its generative AI in political ads. They claim it is to prevent the spread of misinformation.


IGN — Idempotent Generative Network is a neural network that projects diverse inputs onto a desired target distribution.

E3 TTS — a text-to-speech model that generates high-quality audio in fewer steps than previous models.

Gaussian Mixer Solvers — a method to get sharper images in diffusion models quickly and efficiently.


👨 The Average Joe — Market insights, trends and analysis to help you become a better investor. We like their easy-to-read articles that cut right to the meaty bits.


OpenAI’s Dev Day was Monday. More on that, here.

One of the updates was text-to-speech APIs. Here, OpenAI’s president retweets a use case where ChatGPT narrates a soccer game.

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Until next time 🤖😋🧠

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