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  • Google DeepMind's Genie creates 2D platform games from prompts

Google DeepMind's Genie creates 2D platform games from prompts

PLUS: More Humane baby mama drama


Good morning, human brains, and welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Fire your developers. Create video games with prompts 👾 🕹️

    DeepMind’s Genie creates platform games from text, images, and more.

  • Mistral’s new AI. Purr-fect or cat-astrophe? 😻 🙀

    It announced a new AI model, chat interface, and Microsoft partnership.

  • More Humane baby mama drama 🤦‍♂️ 📌

    Humane delays the AI Pin launch and partners with SK Telecom.


Instantly create 2D platform games 👾 🕹️

In November, we covered Google DeepMind’s AlphaFold. It predicts the 3D structure of proteins, which directly leads to new drugs.

In January, we reported on AlphaFold’s new breakthrough. It identified new psychedelic molecules to potentially use in antidepressants.

The next day, we covered Google DeepMind and NYU’s AlphaGeometry. It’s an AI model that solves university-level geometry problems.

More nerdy, DeepMind stuff?

Oh, yeah. On Monday, Google DeepMind introduced Genie. It creates playable 2D platform games from text prompts, images, videos, and more.

Cool, how does it work?

Genie generates interactive environments from text prompts, videos, real-world photographs and even sketches that it’s never seen before.

What’s under the hood?

It is trained on over 200,000 hours of gameplay videos. Its AI creates complete environments using a latent action model, video tokenizer, and dynamic model.

Sweet. Is that it?

Nah, bruh. Google DeepMind says it’s highly scalable. It can teach AI models about 3D worlds, transfer data from learned actions to robotics, and more.

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Meow is for Mistral 😻 🙀

Back in October, we reported on Google and Mistral’s partnership. Google Cloud added Mistral’s AI to its Vertex platform.

On Monday, Mistral unveiled two new models and a Microsoft partnership. It introduced Mistral Large, Le Chat, and more.

Why do I care?

This positioned Mistral, the $2 billion Paris-based startup, as a leading GPT-4 competitor. Mistral Large is its new model and Le Chat is its new chat assistant.

Wow. What’s up with Mistral Large?

It’s Mistral’s most advanced language model that excels in multilingual communication, complex code generation, and more. It’s 20% less expensive than GPT-4 and comes with native function calling and a JSON mode for developers.

Nice. What about Le Chat?

Le Chat is French for “the cat.” It’s a new chat interface that lets you chat with Mistral’s Large, Next, and Small models.

Huh. What’s the deal with Microsoft?

Microsoft invested $16.3 million in Mistral for a minority stake in the company. It will also offer Mistral’s AI models on its Azure Cloud platform.


More AI Pin tomfoolery 🤦‍♂️ 📌

Back in August, we reported on Humane’s tease of its wearable AI Pin. It said that it will replace your smartphone.

Then in October, we covered the AI Pin’s debut at Paris Fashion Week. Naomi Campbell wore it at Coperni’s 2024 Spring/Summer fashion show.

In November, we reported on Humane’s AI Pin launch announcement. They said it aims to integrate technology into daily life without a screen.

More AI Pin drama?

Yes. Humane delayed the AI Pin’s launch and announced a new partnership. It partnered with SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile provider.

When will the AI Pin launch this time?

Humane pushed back the launch from March to mid-April. It also laid off 4% of its workforce, and its CTO left last month.

Oh boy. What’s the purpose of this partnership?

They will create new subscription services and pursue opportunities in the Korean market. SK Telecom will also assist Humane with licensing its CosmOS operating system, give access to its partnership with Perplexity AI, and more.



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Think Pieces

The schedule of an AI expert at Alibaba. He discusses when he wakes up, has meeting, codes, and more.

When will Google fix Gemini? Its image generation tool should be back up in the “next few weeks.”

An alternative to the GPT store? A look at FlowGPT, an ecosystem for various AI models.

Startup News

Apple is testing out the AI tool, Ask. It’s a customer service chatbot that’s similar to ChatGPT.

ElevenLabs partnered with Perplexity to make a podcast. It will discuss science, culture, technology, and more.

Jasper acquired ClipDrop, an image generation service. Jasper purchased ClipDrop from Stability.


GPTVQ — a neural network quantization method for LLMs.

MobileLLM — Meta’s study on the demand for effective LLMs on iPhone, Android, and more.

Orca-Math — Microsoft Research’s SLM (small language model) that’s trained on 200,000 math problems and achieves state-of-the-art performance.



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