Google Maps launched Location Discovery

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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Get AI to plan your Valentine’s Day 🥰 ❤️

    Google Maps launched a new Location Discovery feature.

  • Rufus. Beloved pet or shameless cash grab? 🐶 💸

    Amazon introduced Rufus, an AI shopping assistant, on its mobile app.

  • Instantly get professional-grade product photos 📸 🤑

    Shopify’s Media Editor removes backgrounds, upscales images, and more.


AI’s date night > your date night 🥰 ❤️

In December, we covered Google Gemini. A GPT-4 prompting method outperformed the top Gemini model.

Then a week later, we covered Google’s text-to-image model, Imagen 2. It announced its general availability with API access for developers.

Last week, we covered Google’s 3 new AI features for Chrome. It added Tab Organizer, Customize Chrome, and Help Me Write to its web browser.

In the same article, we reported on Google’s Lumiere. It’s a text-to-video model for motion.

I spy with my little eye something… Google.

On Thursday, Google Maps unveiled Location Discovery. It provides personalized recommendations, human-like dialogue, and more.

Why do I care?

It gives you suggestions based on your search, location, and travel route. It provides photos, reviews, and allows you to save places, share them with friends, and more.

How does it work?

It analyzes over 250 million businesses, photos, ratings, and reviews to bring you personalized suggestions.

Give me an example, por favor.

If you plan a picnic, and it starts raining, you can ask it to provide indoor alternatives or other options for sudden plan changes. It caters these suggestions to your specific tastes and niche interests.

How can I use it?

Currently, only Local Guides can test it out.

What are Local Guides?

Google’s active map users and contributors.

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Amazon has a mascot? 🐶 💸

Last month, we reported on Amazon’s clothes shopping tools. It released 4 tools to reduce the amount of clothing items returned to Amazon.

A week later, we reported on Amazon’s Fire TV update. It allows you to create AI-generated art from your Amazon devices.

On Tuesday, we covered Amazon’s Diffuse to Choose (DTC). It allows you to virtually try on clothing items.

Is Bezos a robot?

🤔 On Thursday, Amazon unveiled Rufus. It’s a new AI shopping assistant named after Amazon’s mascot.

Amazon has a mascot?

He’s a corgi that belonged to the former editor-in-chief. He came to work every day and was nicknamed “Amazon’s shortest volunteer worker.”

Adorable. What does Rufus do?

It suggests items for you, asks follow-up questions, highlights the differences between similar products, and more.

Can I use it now?

Amazon claims it’s only for select customers. Update your Amazon Shopping mobile app and start typing into the search bar. If you have access, you’ll see a Rufus chat at the bottom of your screen.


Get professional product photos fast 📸 🤑

Back in July, we reported on Shopify’s Sidekick. It’s an e-commerce chatbot assistant that’s built into your store’s dashboard.

A couple week later, we covered Shopify Sidekick’s early access launch. It creates reports, writes product descriptions, and more.

More Shopify stuff?

Good guess. On Wednesday, Shopify introduced Media Editor. It’s a product photo enhancer in Shopify Magic, its suite of AI tools.

What is it?

It allows you to edit photos instantly with text prompts. You can remove backgrounds, change backgrounds, improve an image’s resolution, and more.

Why would I use this?

You can take a picture of a product with your iPhone and transform it into a professional-grade photo with just a text prompt.

Let me guess, I have to wait?

Nope. It’s available to use right now. All you need is a Shopify account. Click here for more info.



MusicFX — Google’s new, free text-to-song creation tool.

OLMo — Allen Institute of AI’s new open-source, 7b model.

Reducto — takes huge docs and converts it into chunks that LLMs can process.

Matrices — A spreadsheet tool that uses AI agents to accurately research for you.

Think Pieces

How good is ChatGPT at terrorism? OpenAI is studying GPT-4’s capabilities of creating bioweapons and is creating a warning system.

Are AI-generated robocalls illegal? Nope, but they might be soon. The FCC proposed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Open-source vs. GPT-4. A new study from Pinecone suggests that access to external data empowers open-source models to outperform GPT-4.

Startup News

Meta announced its plan to release an AI chip in 2024. It’s called Artemis, and it’s a more advanced iteration of its MTIA chips.

Midjourney unveiled Style References. It’s a series of algorithms that allegedly increase the consistency of generated images.

Mistral’s CEO announced a new, upcoming AI model. It’s open-source and almost achieves GPT-4’s capabilities.


MobileDiffusion — Google Researchers’ new text-to-image model that you can use from your iPhone, Android, and more mobile devices.

RAM3D — a text-to-3D model method that can edit 3D scenes and replace objects using text prompts.

CoA Reasoning — FAIR Meta’s paper on the Chain-of-Abstraction reasoning and its ability to enhance the multistep reason capabilities of LLMs.



Hugging Face released its own version of GPTs.

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